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Hi Alice and welcome to the MyCE forums. :slight_smile:


I finally did it, signed up. Love that the OG Admin is back, a few years now, . Had to sign up just to give a shout to Jroy in the LG forums for his dedicated work, AWESOME.
I did just reply to another thread, how can I track that thread so I can return to it, I thought I had seen a follow thread button, but getting crosseyed, four days on here looking for an solution and have yet to post my problem, emailed the site about where and how to do my first post, figure Newbie, but it is an LG specific issue.
Anyway, and, I dod wish they bring back the Blu-ray writer/reader reviews, I know, we are aa dying breed, but I’m old skool. Fist came here for strictly CD info, pre BR, then dvd, now Blu=ray, who knows, maybe the ssds drives next, that just seems ahead of me right now though. Anyway, Peace, and love the knowledge I have gained over the years, although I still feel like I barely know anything, except how to make my head spin with info overload.
Thee Rev
Np cool quote yet, and I am anti-emoji, sorry. they’re just evil, and coming form me, that’s saying a lot :wink:


Hi. I’m an ageing Scottish boogie piano man, now living in Andalucia, Spain. I’ve just got WinX DVD Author on my PC and it seems to do everything except burn a DVD. I’m going to do a search but maybe someone could tell me where to go (politely of course!)…

Hoots mon.


Welcome to the forums Jim.

You could talk to the makers of Win X in this subforum:

Or you could post your own thread in the Newbies or Burning Software forums. Many of us use a separate program for burning discs, and ImgBurn is the most popular for that.


Indeed, welcome to the forum Jim :flower:

I hope you will find the forum a good resource for getting answer to your questions, discussions and whatever else. We do not discuss parties politics as it tends to get messy, but if you check out the Living Room forum, you will find that most anything else not fitting in other forums fits there :iagree:


I’m Chris. Through record collecting I got interested in CD matrices to a quite a significant degree and quite by accident, then found many people confused by burned media, so started looking into them, found this website to be a valuable asset. I have some queries so just having a read around so I can put the q’s in the right place or even find it in an old thread. In any case, hello and once I understand the community a little better I hope that I might contribute.

My question is regarding CDr with he matrix/stamper code prefix T80ND (later replaced by T80FD) so if anyone can point me in the right direction, great.


Hello Chris and welcome to the forum.

As to your question, if anyone is going to know the answer they would be the regulars in our Blank Media subforum.


Cheers. I’ve not posted yet. My query is quite specific and slightly off topic. Once I properly word it I’ll pop it up there shortly.


Hello, how are you coming with those questions?


We think we have the answer. It’s believed they’re in house Sony DADC media for mass duplication. Makes sense as most I’ve seen are either on Sony labels OR use the same sleeve formatting that they used. Date is an issue though. I suspect they’re 2002-2004 with the T80FDs taking over at that point, but have no evidence other than a surprising proliferation at these times.


Welcome Adam1440, Hope you enjoy your self here. we can always use Tech Geeks and just fellow Myce friends



Hi, i m new. I love to play games and try new things. Right now i m looking to find new fun online. You can say i m geek and gismo lover.

Thats how i landed on website.


Welcome Steve99, hope you have fun here.



Hello Adam1440 & Steve99, hope you enjoy the site.


Welcome to the forums Adam1440 & Steve99 and I hope you enjoy your stay here. :flower:



hello i am new,i like this forum, so I access the to browse, learn and sometimes try to answer my questions and doubts of others. greeting.


Greetings to you martinurk.


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Hi. I’m Dean. I may be developing Alzheimer’s. Hi, I’m Dean


[QUOTE=deanimator;2783090]Hi. I’m Dean. I may be developing Alzheimer’s. Hi, I’m Dean[/QUOTE]

Dean. You were “round the bend” some time back…