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Welcome to the forums digifreak78. :flower:



Hello there! My name is Sam. I am an android fan and a book lover. I have completed my engineering in the IT field.


[QUOTE=dreadfulishan;2746840]Hello there! My name is Sam. I am an android fan and a book lover. I have completed my engineering in the IT field.[/QUOTE]

Welcome to the forums Sam and I hope you find your time here interesting. :flower:



I joined today, seems so nice site for me. Hope i will learn so much from here.

I need help to download from online streaming videos site.
So where should i discuss this issue or post this problem with details.

Thanks in Advance.


Me too join today… having fun in learning new things… thank you myce and members…


Welcome to the forums SpaRKaR and Dashing star.

Hope you find what you need around here.


hey, i need 2 posts for a file :slight_smile:


Hello all,

an old CD-Freak is back at the Forum.
I have lost my Password and i really can`t my remember my old Username.

But today i thought, i have to Register myself again.

I still have the old T-Shirt from - The Power of United Burners :bow:
Do you remember ???



Welcome back Kirby3.

Too bad you cannot remember your old user name, else we could put Liggy to work and get you back in control of your old account.


Always a pleasure to see an old member return.

If you remember the e-mail address you used to register, maybe Liggy could find your old account?




Hi nrr.1995 and welcome to the forums. :flower:

Hope you found what you were looking for.



Hello all
I am manni
i#m looking for Unhexalock


Post Nr2


Evening all,

DVDwriter problems again, so went looking for cdfreaks and found you guys!

Nice to be asking questions again and hopefully helping out



Just a newbie saying hi


Post 2 to view files


Welcome to the forums everyone.


Newbie here… been lurking for a while… time to join up!


names karmasuncle…i love plex i love plex i love plex…im 27 from central cali i have going on 1400 movies on my plex and have letmewatchthis plug-in working im very happy.would be happier if someone can help me setup iptv so i can flip the bird to cable tv.i know of m3u sort of…but im stuck there…