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Welcome, welcome, Casponos. Hope we have some decent advice for you. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, just like someone of you said in previous posts, I came here too to be able to download the GoldStar611 Unhexalock program, cause I need to decrypt and print a pdf coming from Cummins containing Engine manuals.

Hope to succeed.



And to complete this second post (required to have permission to download the Unhexalock program, let me present myself: I am italian, 38 years old and working for a company which sets up and sell “Diesel Generator sets”

Bye again!


Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself Sporonte. Hope you enjoy the forums.


hi everyone:)


sorry, my name osman, i’m from bosnia. lately, i buy a samsung bdh-6500 specially for playing torrent files, mkv, mp4… in hd or 3d. but i am bad supriced when i found out that is cinevia protected and i am stucked. searching for some solution, workarraund or else. i am satisfied with a simple stereo sound just not to get the message 3 that pops at the midle of screen. it would not be so bad when could get the message away so that i can at least can wach video with subtitles. now, i’m trying the solution with the audicity, but i cant find those options given from that mc guy that came with solution. hoever, i am not surten how it would come out when i merge video and oudio file. i mean it is still converting, and probably losig some video quallity. so what are the other options. i heard and downloaded DVD ranger, but how i understud there is a data base for 70-80 movies. is there a better possibility to replace a sound and keep the video form and quallity. please respond someone.


Wow, maybe you can help me…

I have an old Tevion DVD maker; tHe one with three input cables (L/R sound and Video) into a USB connection for the computer. I am looking for the original software or drivers or ANYTHING that can work.

If you or any other mutant that use something esoteric like this knows how to come by it, please help!

Dan W. D.


Hello Everyone

I’m Rylan and happy to join cllub.myce :flower:



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Welcome, we’re here to help if need be, though I am not the greatest



hello from sri




Hi, I have been a member for a while and, because I am a n00b and afraid of offending those more knowledgeable, I lurk…but I feel it is time to say “hi” and to thank you for the very, very useful information and discussions on this site and in the forums.


Welcome kyle803, always great to see a long time lurker to become active!


Welcome kyle803, glad to see you here


Hi guys,

This is Robert, a 25 years old fellow from France. I grew up with computers but as I like to test things and would never accept a bug having the best on me, I am (too) often facing apparently unsolvable hardware and software issues. During the last days, I found several solutions on this forum, and thought it would be great to become a member and share my (limited) knowledge too. Let’s hope I can actually help someone and won’t be another ghost member.


Hiya, Robert. Hope you enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:


Welcome Robert, and just jump in anytime, and don’t forget that you do not have to be solving a problem to jump in on discussions, Sometimes it really gets interesting



Hello, I am Terrel,l Glad to meet you all members!
Hope it will be more interesting and useful…:iagree: