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For those who would think to spend more time on our forums, feeel free to introduce yourself in this thread, tell us something about your daily life, age, job, family, education, computer or whatever you think is intresting !

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If you’d like to have a chat with other people on this forum then we would like to welcome you to our Livingroom. Altough there are a lot of people who have been around here for a while they will welcome you with open arms. They will remember they were once new to this place as well!

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My name is Vishtaspa Sethna. I live in india. finished college in 2000. did a computer course for about 2 1/2 years. found that i was really interested in computers. have one for about 6 years now. i dont buy original CDs cause its just too costly for me. currently i am working for HDFC. its a temporary job working on a system called VAX. i am in the loan Recoveries department. cant say i like the job but its my first one anyway. i check this site out everyday and although i dont have much to contribute by means of information, i am really really crazy about this site. its great to know whats the latest happennings in market. the people here are great specially taxman, dominator, futureproof and the whole gang.
i like being here.


Hi…i say…lol

Damian dimitri (my nick name)…i am 30 years old

living in the netherlands, next to the german border.

If i could sleep on a computer i would do it…but till now i prefer a bed…what i try to say is…i can’t live without it. I need to do something with my comp…every day…sometimes i just put it on…and shut it down…(call me crazy)

I am working as a quality engineer in a factory.

I like playing online games like, ghostrecon, mohaa and global ops…waiting to get my copy of soldier of fortune 2.

Hobbies…hmm…drinking beer, going out…watching dvd’s on my hometheater.

Why i come here…?? i just want to know everything about computers and cd burning…always like to try stuff i read here…
that is why i have to install windows once in the 2 weeks…lol
just f*****g around till it crashes…hehehe

Lways like to help people with stuff i learned and spread the knowledge we have here.

by the way…thanx to every one who is involved with this forum…i need to look at it every day (about 20 times)



Been a freak for a while and alsways like to help others when I can, i remember what it was like opening that first cd-rw drive box (like christmas) and wondering what the hell I got into.


Hi Guys and gals?

Well im 40 years old now - getting on abit i know but still a big kid at heart :smiley: .
Im also a quality engineer in the motor industry - mainly making interior trim / seating for the jaguars :cool: .
Been married twice before and going for a third CRACKat it next year - new model :smiley: - no really i like wedding cake …hehehe

Mind you probably have a ferrari 360 by now for what its cost me in women :frowning:

Any way Love football - England = WORLD CUP + WINNERS :cool:
Also follow Liverpool in the normal season campaign.
Secondly love motorsport F1 and World Rally Champ.
And YES always visit cdfreaks whenever i get the chance - i get round my pc pretty much ok but find loads of great advice on here from you lot and again try to pass on any good info :wink:

Hopeing to upgrade my pc very soon to the elite model on but with amd2100 and 512 ddr ram - loadsa money eh…
Enjoy messing with pc to see what i can and cant do … hehehe.

Anyway if you want some advice on Women :rolleyes: Dont ask me as i’m still trying to figure out how they work or where they come from - STRANGE CREATURES :confused:

Best of luck to you all…:cool:


I am just hanging out here, trying to impress the brass of this forum, but judging from the status they have given me I am not really successful there it seems :wink:

I am trying hard to improve the world, but sometimes it seems nearly impossible on this forum. People are not mindless creatures of this planet, but most of the times they appear to be.

My ultimate goal (my ideal if you will) will be that people start thinking for themselves, have them do a little research of their own, instead of relying on another person to solve all their problems (am tired of being that other person :wink: )

So my replies may appear to be blunt sometimes, do not take that (too) personally, it is only intended to help you help yourself. Kind of Fiar trade tries to do in Third World countries, in the end it is far more beneficial to all parties involved to practice fair trade and teach others to help themselves, so they can become self sustaining.

As you can see, this is a tough mission and I hope I can count on you to help me :wink:

Welcome to this forum!


As you might notice, Smart@$$ and Da_Taxman share the same higher goal for this Forum :p, that is probably because they are friends and know each other in real life.



Im Al Bags, and been skulking arund here a while, but now Ive joined. I will have plenty of questions, so beware!! I usually recommend this site on a couple of newsgroups I subscribe to, and I dont really know enough myself. Im the “wrong” side of 40, but a kid at heart, and altho not married, Ive been out with a few young chicks, so that keeps me sorted!
Im a petroleum engineer and also a builder, which is family blood, but did my time in the RAF on aircraft between 1976 and 1995, so any questions about Tornado, Red arrows…!!!
Im in the UK not far from Banbury (as in the famous rhyme about Banbury Cross)
At home I play with this box endlessly, built most myself-P3/Win98SE/IE6/Atapi CDRom/Cyberdr. CDRW. Software-Got rid of ECDC and DCD including all the leftover stuff on uninstall ( Grrrrrrr !! ) I have Nero and CloneCD. (latest)
I have a Sony dv cam (dig+ana in/outs), and trying to suss as a webcam at the moment, cant do it yet(any ideas?)
Just started burning stuff, but its quite complicated-everything at once for a relative newbie!! No coasters yet, but I only did multi-sess. files so far.
Al Bags.
:wink: :wink:


Hi ! :slight_smile:


Mr. Belvedere, your site really is strange… Maybe cause it’s

Welcome to Mr. Belvedere’s strange hideout

The introducing part, I live in Sweden and should read on my chemistry (I have a preliminary exam on tuesday) but I think I will stay here… :wink:


yeah…strange butt nice webside…especialy the OP part…

(good luck with your exam Airhead)


Well here goes … :slight_smile:

My name is Kostas and i live in Athens (most of the time that is!). I’ m 25 and a med student . I’ ve lived in Budapest too for 2 years (as an exchange student). I am getting a degree hopefully this year - that is if you guys “let me” study a bit! :wink:
The thing is i spent more time messing with with my pc and surfing through cdfreaks than studying … sometimes i wonder why i didn’t choose computer engineering instead :confused:
Treating “sick” computers is as important as treating sick people don’t you think? :wink:


Ok, I believe there is already some bio of me on this forum and I doubt this thread was intended for veterans like myself…

Can’t even remember the time I first came to visit this site, all I can remember is registering to this forum one day and never leaving afterwards. Although I tried to drop out here, CD Freaks kept pulling me back further into this community.

Unfortunately my spare time has only decreased in the past year due to my job as a tax consultant for one of the international leading firms in its field as well as my getting my university degree (graduation is now scheduled for this August). Therefore, my involvement with this site has shifted more to the background, but I doubt I will ever leave.

As for the rest of my personal data, I live in the Netherlands and am almost 28 years of age (see our calendar for mroe details :wink: ). I think that if you want to know more about me, you can use the search, because there is a lot of info to be found that way :wink:


Are you working for PHilips …Da_Taxman???


Originally posted by damiandimitri
Are you working for PHilips …Da_Taxman???

Since when is Philips one of the leading international firms in tax consultancy?


Well hi everybody. I’m 19 years old, live in belgium and study modern history (that’s why I believe there should be some history of CD Freaks on the site). I started this year of with studying computer science but didn’t like it. I’ve been visiting CD Freaks for years (as you can see, I registered very early). at first I only went to the main site, but since a couple of months I’m a huge fan of the forum.

I like good discussions (politics,…) so you’ll find me mostly in the general chat fora (English or Dutch). If anybody wants more info, just ask.


Hi, I’m Wookie and after Episode 6 of Star Wars was shot I became jobless and stranded here! :stuck_out_tongue:


Originally posted by Wookie
Hi, I’m Wookie and after Episode 6 of Star Wars was shot I became jobless and stranded here! :stuck_out_tongue:

Not quite. After episode VI the saga continued (with Admiral Thrawn as the new bad guy). In this three episodes you took a trip to your homeplanet Kashyyyk. Have you forgotten already :wink:


my job as a tax consultant for one of the international leading firms in its field

sorry…da-taxman…could not make that out of this line…
but now i get it

now i will answer your question: since 2003…lol


Originally posted by Da_Taxman

Since when is Philips one of the leading international firms in tax consultancy?

Haven’t seen you around Taxman :slight_smile: