Intro & Nero SFV Fail Advice

Greetings All.

Just joined the community in the hope that a long running Nero Burning ROM problem can finally be fixed.

I have an extensive mp3 album collection contained on my drive, each album contains an sfv file that is checked before burning to confirm integrity.

For some unknown reason the later versions of Nero are now causing the first track on the first album to fail once burned to disc, everything else passes sfv verification with no issues. Even dragging this file back off the burnt disc to the hard drive does not restore it’s integrity.

I keep upgrading Nero Burning ROM in the hope that this issue will be rectified and at the moment I’m out of space on my drives and I need to back the collection up.

Does anyone have any advice or config changes that should rectify this problem?

I’m going to go and find an older version of another burning program to see if there are any problems.

If not it could be goodbye Nero :frowning:

Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.


As you can check here, a file with SFV extensions sounds like a text file which contains a checksum (to check some file’s integrity) and therefore does NOT have anything in common with your MP3 files.

If your CD is an audio cd, the SFV file could be the problem. Prior to recording to an audio cd, the MP3 files are encoded into audio tracks. Data files (like the SFV) are not allowed. Try burning your CD without that file.