Into the wild/Things we lost in the fire

Both burned sucessfully. :bigsmile:

DVDFab Gold
Full Disc

They also were great with :iagree:

Using 4102 and verbatim and taiyo yuden I had a wierd thing happen in Power DVD even when selecting the sound from the starting menu I got no sound.
I had to right click and select the caption menu to activate the sound. It happened several times. I havent tried it in a set top player yet. Just found it a strange occurance


could be with your power dvd as I played them both with unlead dvd player and also vlc media player just to check them out and had no problem at all

well yeah i believe i stated this like a week ago, that they burnt with no problems lol sillyness

I’m having a problem converting wild things to ipod - or trying to get the dvd on disc so I can convert to ipod format. I either get the message

DVD Fab encounted a rerading error etc etc would you like to enable pathfinder

I then do and it then has another go - gets to 10 minutes and then finishes.

Any ideas. Using dvdfab 5.