'Into the Blue' is to big to compress with DVD shrink, what do I do?

I’ve tried copying into the blue but after I compress it, its still over 4.5gb and thats just the main movie. But when I check the normal analysis it says that the movies just under 4gb and when I try putting just the main movie on it says its over 4.5gb. I’ve tried re-authoring and that leaves me with the oversized movie and nothing else I’ve done has worked. Should i try deep-analysis (still not quite sure what that does by the way). Anyways, please help. Thanks!

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By default DVD Shrink resizes your original movie to 4464MB (~4.36GB).
Running analyses improves the quality of your copy.

Happy burning.

I will smack you in the mouth!

you can re-shrink the already shrunken movie but be aware quality will suffer