Interview with the Xbox hacker Bunnie

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Icrontic had the chance to interview the famous Xbox hacker from MIT, Andrew Shane Huang (aka “bunnie”). Andrew almost single handedly cracked the Xbox. He was the first one to dump the BIOS image…

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Offtopic, but I don’t think it was very smart to give out his full name.

i agree, M$ would love to send around the lawyers etc etc, but he mentions this in the interview “Microsoft has been quite cordial about the whole affair, actually. They requested originally for me to remove my ROM image from my website, which I did; they were pretty polite about the request, although it did shake me up a bit. After I cracked the security in the Xbox, they surprised me by being pretty good sports about allowing me to publish my paper. They expressed a preference for me to not publish, of course, but I think in the end they realized that cracking down on research activities in academia would not be regarded favorably by anybody outside the company” im guessing that it being research gives him the upper hand, afterall, i dont think he was profiting from it, he had free rom downloads on his site.