Interview with SlySoft and CloneCD @ Alientech

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An interesting quote:

[i]AlienTech: We know that recentely Slysoft acquired CloneCd from Elaborate Bytes. Because of the concourse of other software (as Alcohol 120% and Blind Write), CloneCd is considered from many people a declining software. What are you going to do regain the top?
SlySoft: We’ll release a small update in the next few days and bigger ones will follow in the next months. CloneCD is a classic software to clone a CD - and it’s still the best.

AlienTech: In CloneCD’s newer version we had to expect something really new or function and look will be the same? In future, will CloneCd bypass every CD protection?
SlySoft: We are working on all new protection systems. In the first SlySoft CloneCD we emulate e.g. the SafeDisc 2.9 weak sectors.[/i]