Interview with Marketing Manager of Lite-On

I’m not sure if everyone of you read the mainpage (news) - You Should ! :bigsmile: - but we have posted an interview with the marketing manager of Lite-On. You can read it here.

It might not answer all the questions you would like, but I would like to remind you that Marketing Managers are really carefull with their answers (and they should they get paid for it) and we could certainly not ask direct questions on e.g copy protections (like the latest SecuROM, which does not seem to be a hardware issue anyway).

Anyway, read on here, and you will also know if Lite-On will make a 56x drive…

Very interesting! :slight_smile:

Lets hope they soon stand the DVD-/+RW market on it’s ears, like they have with CDR’s. Can’t wait for $75 DVD burners!


Were the reponses sent back via email to questions you sent? If so, the following is interesting:

[I]Q: “What can we expect from Lite-On in the future?”

A: “We are very excited about the future here at LiteOn. We have new USB products, combo products, slim products and of course our new DVD-RW and other DVD technology related products…”[/I]

DVD-RW…? I’d prefer DVD+RW @ this stage…

Edit: Typo.

I’d not buy a DVD- or DVD+ again. Doesn’t make sense, comparing the prices of + and - devices to the prices of combos.

Hopefully, they go the ± way. I know they can :slight_smile:

Hopefully, they go the ± way. I know they can:)

Yeah, I’m aware of that. I know who makes that drive model, but it may have been a slip up… There’s a lot of pressure from both camps & AFAIK, that’s why we’ve been waiting… MTK has had ICs available for a long time…

As I already posted directly under the review (and was quickly edited by someone):

"Thanks for a very interesting review :slight_smile:

It’s a shame nothing was said over Liteon’s service and customer care - which as we all know - stinks! :Z

This is really meant as a constructive criticism, I’m advocating their drives myself and have a special site for their dvd drives."

As long as they use the time they save with the lack of customer support for senseful things (such as adding support for K2A and Cactus 200 reading), it’s fine with me.

As long as they use the time they save with the lack of customer support for senseful things

At $80 for a 52x24x52 drive, I don’t care if they have any support at all. They certainly do nore in the way of firmware updates than anybody else. And although they don’t respond much to user email, it appears they are listening as they address issues in the firmware updates.
It would be difficult to find a company anywhere in the computer industry that has accomplished more or offered greater value for the $$$.

Plextor also spends lots of time on firmware: When CDS200 came up, it took only a few weeks, and suddenly, there were updates for all drives available, with “improved playback for discs with invalid TOC” being in the changlog :slight_smile:

@stevem: yes this was by e-mail I’m not sure if DVD-R in this means DVD recordable in general or the DVD-R format.
@stevem 2nd: I would love to hear from you who makes that drive, if you can’t tell in public a PM would be very much appreciated :wink:
@mango: sorry for the edit, but on the mainpage it’s hard to allow people to advertise sites, because if one is allowed, many will follow and that becoming annoying after a while, sorry for the inconvinience!
@ mango 2nd: I think Lite-On might be working on better support, there are several signs that the office work at Lite-On is getting better: e.g. there seem to be more people and easier to contact.

Liteon manager said about bypassing audio protections :

“We hope to be able to provide consumers with the ultimate solution, but we also understand that there needs to be a level of cooperation with the music industry as well. Hopefully both sides can agree to work together and be able to provide the consumer with the ideal solution.”

What does that mean ? I can’t see how there could be a cooperation between cd-rw manufacturers and music industry.

Most people want to be able to copy their audio cd perfectly. If they can’t, cd-rw will be of no use and people will stop buying them.

Maybee Liteon manager is concerned about the DMCA. But Plextor and Yamaha are not that shy.

It might not answer all the questions you would like

As far as I can see it, he hasn’t answered any question! :a

Neither Yamaha nor Plextor do officially say that they care about protections at all (of course they do care, but they don’t say it)

Sure thing Plextor doesn’t advertise on bypassing audio copyprotections.

But Plextools first session only setting or update for audio cd with wrong TOC are clearly designed for that purpose.

The problem with Liteon drives is that, until recently, they were known as bad protected audio cd readers. I just hope what you noticed with latest fw, Alexnoe, will be continued with all new Liteon models.