Interview with DVDxCopy developer 321 Studios CEO - Expensive

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It’s not often that we are sceptical about software products, but this time I have a bad feeling. Currently there is a lot of fuzz about DVDxCopy. This software developed by the American company…

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Well i wait for olli to release clone dvd i trust him more then some clowns who hype there stuff who no one realy have tested(like you said on top) I will use the doom9 tutorials until there is a eac under the dvdcopy programs till then i do my dvd backupping the hard way :4

Kind of hard to judge something based on the fact that there might be coming somthing similiar that might be cheaper and ignore the hundreds of posts in various sites that are dedicated on DVD ripping from users who have used the software successfully. Smells like… I don’t know… disappointment of not having an affiliate deal with the software vendor…

Seems like the hype wasn’t just hype. There are alot of success stories at the DVDXCopy forums at http:// . Of course there are alot of people with problems, too, but that is only to be expected with this kind of release. I suppose you’re refering to the Afterdawn preview with the "Also the tests I have seen are done by websites that show banners of 321 Studios" -comment? For the record, DVDXCopy works fine for me.

Well i can already do this with software costing $0, if i had a dvd writer. Rippers have been out for ages. So have dvd writing programs. Anyone with a writer can write a bunch of files on a dvd. Given that all you need to do is rip the files then burn them it’s hardly even worth making an all-in-one program. I bet smartripper does the job better anyway, as that has de-macrovision and multi region options. and it’s not a 1:1 copy. DVD burners can’t copy CSS encryption. Basically this guy is just making money off the back of lamers.

dRD, I have been in contact with Mr Moore on MSN and he also asked me for promotional activities, but personally I don’t want offer our visitors a product I’m not sure about myself… And I’m not saying I don’t believe it works. I’m saying it’s very expensive and it’s hyped too much…

Msissons, Yes, you can, but maybe your time isn’t money. I really don’t fancy spending hours with IFOEdit when DVDXCopy does the same in the background while I do something productive. DVDXCopy is essentially aimed for the audience who thinks Click’N’Go is actually a nice concept. Heck. People still buy M$ Office products and Windows even though and Linux/Lindows is available. A strange world, isn’t it? It’s nice to have a perspective at things sometimes. (Edit: One should never post when still half asleep. LOL!)

Here ya go, from the maker of IFOEdit A stripped down version of IfoEdit designed to make easy DVD-9 backups by splitting them over 2 DVD±Rs for people who cannot or don’t want to go through the procedure using IfoEdit Only $15. For DVD5’s you could just use DVD Decrypter, price: $0. So who needs DVDxCopy??