Interview - The main developer of Alcohol

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Interview with the developer of Alcohol, a CD burning and emulation tool

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Nice Work. But as long as Daemon Tools is free i wont buy it. ViRuZ

Sound to me like they will try everything they can to get venom on their team

Sorry for the downer, but didn’t the CloneCD geezer talk about implementing this and implementing that, ensuring his software was gonna be the best too ? Let’s hope this new guy does the business ! :4

Hi, the link to the Daemon-Tools homepage is outdated, the new, working link is :slight_smile:

Strange, I’m a native spanish speaker and I’ve enver come across the Spanish word “alcohol” referring to spirits or phantoms. That is, unless one is referring to the alcoholic “spirits”. I just checked in a spanish dictionary and found no reference to spirits or phantoms in the definitions.