Interview - Marketing Manager Lite-On, will they release a 56x?

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Lite-On could currently be called the leader on the CD-RW market. There is no doubt that drives manufactured by the Taiwanese company are very populair and sell very well. This is mainly due the…

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My Lite-On did never give me anything even resembling quality. Extremely poor media support. I used to be a huge Plextor fan, then I “converted” to Lite-On and now I’m back with Plextor. So what if it costs twice as much, I’ll pick quality over price any day. :slight_smile:

I have had NO problems with my Lite-On and it burns whatever cds I put into it. It is such a great improvement over my ever so old Mitsumi CR-4801te (4x8) :4

I disagree. My LiteOn 24x has been THE best CDRW drive I’ve ever owned. My friends all have Plextors and I prefer my LiteOn. It was cheap and has been extremely reliable. I recommend LiteOn drives to anyone looking for a decent CDRW drive. Now…where are the multi format LiteOn DVD writers?!! :wink:

Ok hey Uhm lite-on is good stuff, but does not have te same quality as plextor or yamaha. I have 2 plex writers and work fine and my liteon burner is also workign fine but crappy audio-extraction and audio protections support :slight_smile:

Oh and for those that don’t care about queality : GO FOR A LITEON!!! But those who still don’t see that the quality of a Plex or Yamaha burner is much higher … stupidas!

Ok, I’m not here to argue with everybody else, of course I do believe that everyone has the right to give their own opinion(s), and I hope that by me sharing my opinions here in regards to Lite-On cd-writers will help many other to make their decisions on which cdrw burners to buy. Let me start by saying that within 5 years being addicted on cd burners and bought “almost” all the brands that you can name out there like from top brands down to those no name brand I must say that after being the one of the first to own a Lite-On’s 52x24x52 cdrw make me a true believer that even a no name brand can really make an excellent and top notch quality cdrw drives. First, I just found out too that that is really no sense to spent so much money on those “well known” brand name cdrw’s as this a true fact that those brand names cdrw’s actually uses a Lite-On manufactured drives and that they just put their own sticker with their brand name on top of the Lite-On’s sticker on the drive itself. You can actually try buying it a brand name cdrw and pay a lot just to findout that you can actually save a lot of money if you just buy the Lite-On brand. And oh, did I mention this new 52x24x52x cdrw performed a top notch quality, burned a whole 700 mb cd file in just exactly 2 mins and 30 seconds.

I just wonder how many people who are not getting good results from liteon are blaming the drive when its possibly the cdr media. I have both plex and liteon and plex is used for audio where liteon mainly for data and both perform well.

fsdizon, I can assure you that neither Plextor or Yamaha uses Lite-On manufactured drives…

I’ve a Liteon 32123S (Overclocked to 40125S) in one PC and a Samsung 8x8x32 in another. The CDs that come out of the Liteon at 32x read better in my DVD-ROM drive than the same branded CDs in my Samsung. In Nero CD speed, a Liteon written CD reads typically with a straight line across in the DVD-ROM drive where as a Samsung written CD reads with the line jumping down & up several times. On lower quality media (green dye) from either drive, the line jumps up & down on Nero CD Speed when read in the DVD-ROM. On higher quality media such as from Ricoh (determined using CD-R info on Nero CD speed), the CDs written from either drive reads fine (full speed) in the DVD-ROM drive. :slight_smile: I’d basically say: From my experience, go for high quality media in rather than the best CD-writer if you’re backing up important stuff. :slight_smile:

Chronic, You are absolutely right my friend that Plextor and Yamaha are not Lite-On manufactured drives…these are the companies that charge a bundle for crdw drives, Performance wise, have you seen reviews for TDK drives lately which was picked the #1 brand because of it’s performance and which is actually a Lite-On manufactured drive… I had 4 Plextor and a Yamaha burner before and I must say that over these 2, I’d prefer the Plextor, though Yamaha was a faster burner and gave me a lot of coaster that I can use. Plextor was good, but a little slow for me. I normally copy 150-200 cd’s at a time and this is where I base my experience on these cd writers and had this Lite-On 52x for almost 3 weeks now and burned around close to 600 cd’s and so far no problem with using it with Easy CD Creator 5.0 Platinum, using cheap 48x cdr disc as well that burns up to 55x speed. Again, this is just based of my own experience that I’m always happy to share with everyone hoping that it’ll give a positive outcome for everybody.