Intervideo Windvr installation prob

I am re-installing this software for my easy tv capture card after a recent hard drive failure. I still have the origional disk with drivers and windvr software but my serial number wont be accepted by the installation. the serial number is even in an info.txt folder on the disk but it still wont accept it
there are no hyphens in the serial number, could this be it? i’m a bit baffled as to why i cant get it to work
any ideas please?

Im taking bets on this one:

How many people think a programs serial number comes in a text file named “info.txt” on a disc?

I apologise,i just checked and its in a folder called SN.txt
it was not my intention to be dishonest, i do not want a dodgy serial number or a crack, just an idea as to why it wont accept the serial number.
do i enter it as a continous line as in the .txt file, or should there be hyphens in it?

The file is in the “applications folder” on the disc

just copy and paste direct. then it will match no questions asked.
Exactly what error message do you get, A screen shot would be good.

I copied and pasted, and it worked?!

weird that it didnt when i typed it in exactly the same!

many thanks for your help :clap: