Intervideo WinDVD5 and Audio Pack supports DVD Audio

I just posted the article Intervideo WinDVD5 and Audio Pack supports DVD Audio.

May 18, 2004 08:02 AM US Eastern  Timezone  InterVideo  WinDVD 5 and Audio Pack Deliver Complete Enjoyment of Today's New Audio  Technologies; Pure Software Solutions Futureproof the...
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installed sb audigy 2 on win 98. failed. installed on xp - worked. could access the 192khz stereo tracks on dvd-a. so i got excited about this player. downloaded it & it froze on xp. not to encouradging. there must be a great dvd-a player for win xp??

WTF write those guys!!! That is ridiculous. :frowning:

I want download intervideo WinDVD5