InterVideo WinDVD installations top 175 million

I just posted the article InterVideo WinDVD installations top 175 million.

InterVideo WinDVD Installations top 175
Universal Player Incorporates
Industry’s Most Advanced Audio and Video Technologies to Deliver Amazing
Theater-like Experience

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I do like the software. The software will not and I say again will not play TS streams to dual monitors at all. I could only get half screen. Videolan will not do this also. The only player that I could get to put HD streams to my HDTV was Media player Classic from the XP Codec pack. I was really disapointed with that. Also the software does not support files encoded to divx with AVI and play correctly. I do like the Tridimenson feature but the other issues need to be resolved. I Utilize a ATi Radeon All-in-Wonder 9800. I have tried everything. I do not know if the companies shut this feature out to HDTVs through component video. If anyone has any Ideas shoot me a reaction.:slight_smile: