InterVideo WinDVD installations increase to 125 Million

I just posted the article InterVideo WinDVD installations increase to 125 Million.

InterVideo, Inc. announced
today that more than 125 million copies of WinDVD, have been sold worldwide
since its first release in 1999, making it the world’s most popular software

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Of course it won’t have anything to do with the fact that WinDVD is bundled with most PC’s, motherboards and DVD drives you buy would it…

"Time-stretching allows users to watch a 1-hour and 20-minute movie on a 1-hour flight by speeding up the playback without loss of audio or video quality. " Maybe TV ought to use this so they can show a whole movie without cutting parts out for the commercials. :d

well said petera… you’ve hit the nail on the head. I probably got 5 disks of windvd i’ve never installed - rock on powerdvd