Intervideo WinDVD Creator won't save image



I bought a BENQ 1610 DVD re-writer a couple of month ago and have finally got round to attempting my first DVD movie.

WinDVD Creator 2 came with the burner so I’m using that, however I can’t even get to the burning stage.

Captured from our Mini DV camera perfectly (which is odd because the software says it needs a 1.6 GhZ processor and I’ve got 1.4).
Edited and authored the DVD fine.
Started the burn just saving the image to disk so I could burn multiple copies later.
It renders the movie (which takes hours) and a green tick appears in the in the box to say it has finished but then it crashes with ‘WCREATOR has caused an Invalid Page Fault in MSVCRT.DLL’ error. Then it closes with a final ‘WCREATOR has caused an Invalid Page Fault in MFC40.DLL’ error. The upshot is it doesn’t save any image file in the image directory - nothing in the directory at all but it leaves behind a lot of temporary files in Wcreator’s temp directory containing the rendered move and other DVD stuff. I’ve set it to use a partition that has 19 Gb of spare space so it is not a disk space issue.

Has anyone else seen this before or could hazard a guess as to what’s going on?

The burner burns CDs and plays Cds and DVDs perfectly

Many Thanks


Windows 98SE
Celeron Tualatin 1.4 GHz
512 Mb RAM
IDE 1 6GB Quantum Fireball (Master), 40 Gb WD Caviar (Slave - this also has the Win98 swap file on it)
IDE 2 LG CD ROM and Zip Drive
Kouwell ATA 100 IDE controller with BENQ 1610 on IDE 1

DMA is enabled on all drives (except IDE 2).
I’ve got the latest C++ runtime libraries.
RAM is tested fine.
Disks are scanned and defragged