InterVideo presents WinDVD 6 Platinum

I just posted the article InterVideo presents WinDVD 6 Platinum.

  From the InterVideo  site: "WinDVD 6 is the most advanced, most entertaining way to enjoy  watching movies on your PC! As the world's most popular software DVD player,  WinDVD 6 continues the...
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well, WinDVD 6 platinum was released… a looong time ago… :wink:

Freaking thing, still won’t play archived images without putting them first in video_ts folder… Won’t play images if you double click on the VIDEO_TS.IFO. Plus their feature that allows you to play high speed action features is buggy as hell, it sets monitor to 60Hz (to kill my eyes) and then it speeds up, lags, speeds up, lags. Won’t even sync to audio stream. Do they test their soft before selling it? :frowning: