InterVideo launches WinDVD 7 with HDTV and H.264 support



I just posted the article InterVideo launches WinDVD 7 with HDTV and H.264 support.

announced today WinDVD
7, the latest release of the software DVD player favored by 125 million
users worldwide. WinDVD 7 takes video and audio playback to the next level with

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fantastic news, this will help making h264 popular :slight_smile:


Absolutely no audio enhancements and even more bloatware!!! If I wanted Google Toolbar or any other software completely irrelevant to DVD playing, I’d selectively download it from the author’s website. Here we find ourselves being forced unsolicited programs packaged with the programs we actually want… all for the sake of gaining improvements or added features!!:r WinDVD is rapidly approaching the 50MB filesize… and that’s in it’s compressed package format!!! How about this for an “upgrade to our newest version now!!!” marketing pitch… "please allow us to cram even more unecessary bloatware down your throat in this new featurerich (more like bloatrich) version of our software!! :frowning:
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To add a couple more complaints…they removed the mouse wheel support for reverse and forward searching while watching movies AND they removed the option to playback movie from the beginning or resume from where you left off!! MB


VLC is still the best, small gets the job done and play almost any format.