InterVideo launches new DVD copying software - DVD Copy 4



I just posted the article InterVideo launches new DVD copying software - DVD Copy 4.

 InterVideo Launches New DVD  Copy 4 Comprehensive 3-Step DVD  Software with Advanced DVD Copying Capabilities and Enhanced Customization  Features Fremont, Calif. '” September 7,  2005 '”...
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So how long before Intervideo goes bankrupt because their product can be used to help facilitate copyright infringement? Remember it is now illegal to make anything tha tcan can be used for illegal activities, unless of course you buy your laws like the gun lobby did. Even though it will not decrypt the dvd, it can still be used in the process of making illegal copies.


well um i’d love to call you a moron so i will. intervideo’s product will not faciliate piracy in any way, it will NOT decrypt CSS protected movies. so ermm quiet


theturtle if you read my post i stated it will NOT decrypt the dvd. So who is the moron? What I am talking about is the legal grounds that have now been set in the USA. Basically if your product CAN be used for illegal activities, then you the creator are criminally responsible for the actions of it’s users. Since it can be used in the process of the illegal copying of dvd’s it thereby makes this software illegal. Next time read before you call someone a moron. Thank you have have a nice day.


People have been REALLY friendly around here lately…:S


Ranmacanada what about nero you can use that to copy with aswell, are they going to go bankrupt too?