InterVideo introduces two new versions of WinDVD 5

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FREMONT, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–June 17, 2003–InterVideo, Inc. announced today the release of WinDVD™ 5, the latest version of InterVideo’s software for DVD playback on a PC. Both…

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Audio Booster Pack … pff, what crap. windvd is not needed to play dvds on windows. apart from the fact that one can use hardware decoders, if you insist on using software, just get yourself the windvd mpeg2 decoders. ask a friend to send them to you or something. or just install windvd, rip the decoders and uninstall. then reg the decoders using the regsvr32 commandline utility. then start MS media player and start playing your mpeg2 files and dvds. Advantages: 1) windvd eats much harddisk space, while the decoders eat nearly nothing 2) decoders don’t need registration (g, no keygen is necessary, even if it were not a prob to find one) 3) MS media player is faster and has more features (if you get yourself all dsp plugins available on the market) than windvd. Only the windvd audio plugin sucks when used in 3rd party programmes for dvd playback, so I’d suggest using this together with windvd decoders if you have both audio decoders installed, ac3filter will be used for dvd audio playback, while windvd audio decoder will be used for audio decoding of mpeg2 files. windvd video decoder is the best available on the market (2x better than powerdvd video decoder and 100x better than any other mpeg2 video decoder) and will be used by the system for software playback of both mpeg2 and dvd vob files. The names are as following:

@WRFan, Once you’ve got those two files, in which directory do you put them so that other players will recognise them? Also, are there any other players that can use these files apart from Media Player?

you can put them whereever you want, but you have to tell windows where they are, so open a dos window, go to the directory where you put both files and type: regsvr32 regsvr32 windows will then tell you that both files are registered. from now on these decoders will be available to ALL programmes that can use external codecs. this includes windows media player 6/7/8/9 and windows media player classic. But not quicktime/realone players, they use their own decoders or something. BTW, as far as I know, you can’t play dvds on windows media player on win98, only winXP. but this is not the decoders’ fault, its WMP’s fault. on win98 use windows media player classic: and the decoders I mentioned above. On winXP you can use either the windows media player classic, or WMP 8/9

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