Intervideo - how to edit?

Ive come across some mpgs which show little info in Gspot
One says intervideo codec I think. Its in PAL. Id like to do the usual and keep it from looking narrowed when playing it on
the TV. So Id like to put it in TMPGEnc but it says
“unsupported” an refuses to load.

Ive had some success fixing that problem from the suggestions
online about changing the priority of some filters or something
in TMPGenc but not with this one.

Do the mpg files play with WMP okay? Try demuxing the mpg into Video & Audio stream (using TMPGEnc’s Simple De-multiplex option in MPEG Tools) and load the *.m1v in as Video Source and the *.mp2 in as Audio Source. Then proceed from there.

Unfortunately I cant even load it in TMPGenc.
Says unsupported type or something.

Im going to try Premiere.