InterVideo H.264 Codec and NVIDIA accelerate high-definition decoding

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January 23, 2006 08:00 AM US Eastern Timezone InterVideo H.264 Codec Combines With NVIDIA Hardware to Accelerate High-Definition Decoding FREMONT, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jan…

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Most of the 6xxx cards are too slow anyway to give a useful results with H.264. The rest has to be proven in practice. Still their driver implements are not ready2go.

But it’ll share the load with your CPU. I don’t have any problems with H.264 on my X2 4400+. It’s a nice feature tho.

Sure, but with what res? Even a ATI 1300XT can only produce usable results up to 576p right now… Not enough for dvb-s2.

Cool a $600 video card can do what a $500 DVD player will be able to do! What a deal, and how many movies will even use that codec?

You’re kidding right? My Athlon64 X2 3800+ can decode 1080p AVC clip at at least 30 fps with CoreAVC and it’s using only one core which means at least Athlon64 3200+ can do it also which is more or less an average CPU today. Using 6600 GT and today’s average CPU will be IMO enough to decode any kind of 1080p content at full speed. chef: My 3 years old Athlon XP 2100+ can decode 576p AVC content… so you’re saying that an “old” CPU supported by ATI 1300XT isn’t enough? AVC is complex however not THAT complex.

sorti- the Geforce 7800 is quite a bit cheaper now. I just sprung for the XFS 7800GT for my HTPC and it has PCI-E along with 2 DVI and also VIVO and HDTV ready. All for $293 delivered and even some software/games bubdled. i.e. Far Cry. (man that’s a lot of acronyms! I think I am getting geeky!!) :B The main thing is that I have been reading Nvidia has surpassed ATI on video quality. So bye bye ATI and your infernal software and drivers.

That’s good I’d like to never have an ATI video card ever again. I have not bought a video card for a while, kinda waiting till HDMI is standard for computer LCDs and video cards.

My athlon 64 3200+ and radeon 9800 pro just can’t seem to handle Apples trailers at 720p and up. I hope with my new geforce 6800 gs that atleast I will be able to play 720p without any hitches. I hope Powerdvd has some optimizations though because dangit I want to play blu ray dvd’s on my pc

fingers crossed will work nicely on my 6800gt and my opteron 146 @ 2.85ghz.

I have an Athlon64 3200+ and a 6600GT PCI Express card and have no problems decoding Apples 720p trailers. I stopped caring about them though because I had to change my screen resolution to fit the whole picture since I don’t have a widescreen LCD.

I was talking about this specific drivers for ATI and nVidia cards… ATI 1700XT is my pref actually for this. Waiting for HDMI? HDMI is DEAD, stone dead!!! The industry has decided to replace HDMI with a new standard.

Er, all of them!

HDMI isn’t going to replace DVI in the PC world because it’s much less flexible. HDMI is locked to the HD resolutions and refresh rates whereas DVI supports any resolution and refresh rate.

Well yes I guess HDMI might not be the proper thing. Dual link or DVI + HDCP? does any PC monitor and video card support that yet? Whatever Vista will require I don’t want to have to buy another monitor till Vista comes out.

Dell’s new 30" LCD is HDCP ready. But no video cards at present are, not even the newly announced Ati X1900 series. Though they say that future versions of the card may (I believe the reason for all this is possibly because the specs for HDCP output weren’t completely finalised for PC usage when current video cards were in the works). As for playback of video, GPUs are more suited to the task than general purpose CPUs, recall back when ATI demonstrated that they could encode video 5 times faster than current CPUs could using their GPU and that there was still room for optimisation.

great, so I guess we can safetly expect yet another universal format from ATI & whoever’s up to the marketing challenge.

Although welcome it’s not really needed now that the excellent CoreAVC H.264 decoder is out though still in [public] beta a 1.0 is coming soon however this H.264 HWA with NV and Intervideo would still be handy for older systems though. [Actually one of the of the CoreAVC devs dropped a hint that they have been in contact with Nvidia about hardware acceleration so that would be even better than the Intervideo combo] Those playing Apples H.264 trailers should not use QuickTime as Apples H.264 decoder is very poor performance wise and just not optimized well enough for playback under Windows.
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I have a lowly AMD XP 2400 and GeForce 6600. Although it cannot playback the Hi-Def Apple video files using their crummy player. When coupled with Quicktime Alt codec and Media Player Classic they playback no problemo.