Intervideo DVDCopy 2 Test

I have just tested Intervideo DVDCopy 2 demo with Lost In Translation (Region 1) using the full 7.42gb and AnyDVD to rip. Encoding was done in a little over 15mins (good speed!) and writing in half an hour (2x). The quality is good for the size of the disc, although I notice a few blocks if I sit very close to the TV, but what software wouldn’t give this anyway? Sitting back, things look fine. Has anyone else tested yet?

I haven’t tested it, but I am happy to hear that it works well with AnyDVD!

I’ve been a big fan of Intervideo’s software. I downloaded v.2 and thought it was a big improvement (the ability to remove audio/subtitles).

But when I actually went back to review (I rarely watch a whole movie to test), I noticed that there were HUGE white artifacts/pixels on the screen.

Here’s a screenshot:

I used it with AnyDVD also, but I tested this one using DVD Decryptor (to see if it was AnyDVD’s fault). Same thing.

What gives??? By the way, it was an 8 Gig to 4.5 Gig transcoding with CSS decryption.

I’ve had a crack as well.
To be honest, this tool and all the others, barring CCE, don’t come close to Shrink in deep scan mode.

For a FREE tool it really shames everything else out there.

that really doesn’t help out the problem much. thanks for trying.

If you’re trying to discuss quality among other software, check the other topics. As for deep analysis mode, I’m sure there’s tons of other people, as well as other websites ( that beg to differ.


Thanks for posting your screenshots. I Too have experienced those blocks. I thought it was the burn but the blocks appeared also when I played the files on my PC.

I ran the same movies I had blocks on through DVD Shrink and there were no blocks. So this has turned me off to this program…So it is now on my chit list :slight_smile: for now

you’re welcome! I don’t know if this occurred with the first version of DVD Copy (I hope not! I’ve backed up ALOT of my DVDs)…but it’s definitely a problem! I’m in contact with a tech rep at Intervideo and we’re currently testing out the problems I’m having. I’ll post any updates!

the blocks also happens on version 1.2 which is the version I use. Does anyone know of what new features are in v2.0 and what fixes it includes??

It’s funny, but I get those blocks on certain movies, whereas other movies are near perfect.

I did a couple of 60% compressions and viewed them on my 17in monitor. I used latest Nero Recode 2, CloneDVD 2 (final), and Intervideo DVDCopy 2 Platinum (trial). I did two movies, Beautiful Mind and Phantom Menace. My subjective opinion is:

  1. Intervideo DVDCopy 2 Platinum (trial)
  2. Nero Recode 2
  3. CloneDVD 2

I would concentrate on a couple of scenes in each movie and run them over and over. They are all somewhat in the same ballpark, but IV seem best to me with recode 2 kind of close and CloneDVD 2 a distant, but not too distant, 3rd. One thing, IV Plat. does one thing that the others doesn’t do, it does this micro in and out of focus on certain objects in certain scenes. I don’t know if it has to do with compression of certain frames or what. It was kind of odd, but its very subtle, but still it seem to be the most clearest and detailed.

Just my opinion. For Joe 6-pack who isn’t going to dissect quality and uses a standard TV and wants ease of use and speed and an a easy to understand application, I’d probably recommend CloneDVD 2. Also I have yet to see any “blocks” or apparent artifacts in any of the transcoded movies.

I also did my own test with Red Dwarf series 1 disk. using Intervideo DVD copy 2, DVDShrink 3.1.7 (with deep analysis) and DVD2One 1.4

The original disk suffers from slight blocking anyway so I thought this would be a good test for any transcoder.

My results were

  1. DVDShrink
  2. DVD2One
  3. Intervideo DVD copy 2

DVD2One and Intervideo DVD copy 2 are particulary bad when one scene changes to another with extensive macroblocking.
DVDShrink had no problem with this.

Also Intervideo DVD copy 2 failed to fully fill the disk !! - a very overrated product in my opinion.


Both of my IV compression came right at 4.29GB or 4.3GB.

I used:

Elby Clone DVD2/Intervideo copy 2/DVDShrink3.1.7.6 with Deep Analyse/DVD2one 1.4

First movie was Finding Nemo

Shrink wasn’t able to copy the whole movie as it couldn’t
compress the whole movie much enough to fit on one DVD
I decrypted the movie two my HD first therefore, leaving
the DTS Audio stream and the Trailer of Brother Bears.

Now shrink was happy (quality=54.8%)

Now I transcoded the movie from HD and got the following result

  1. Intervideo copy 2
  2. DVD Shrink and DVD2one
  3. Elby Clone DVD2

Intervideo was really close to the original even with Power DVD and 9x Digital Zoom you could see only small differences in some scenes.

DVD Shrink and DVD2one showed some big blocks in some scenes

Clone DVD2 some more blocks

But all results are still good for watching it on normal TV

For perfect clones you should not go under the 60% quality barrier if using DVD Shrink or Elby clone DVD2!

2nd Test was Down with Love

DVD shrink told 64% quality

  1. DVD shrink / Elby Clone DVD2 / DVD2one
    all clones are close to the original, even with Power DVD and 9x Digital Zoom you could see only small differences in some scenes.

but the strange thing was with Intervideo DVD Copy 2

I have these HUGE white artifacts/pixels on the screen like badboibillie described it but I haven’t had this only in particular scenes but throughout the whole movie.

So with Intervideo DVD copy 2 platinum I was able to do a nearly
perfect clone of Finding Nemo but I was unable to do a at least on
TV watchable clone of Down with Love

ditto frisk. still haven’t heard back from that customer service rep (maybe they’re working on it???)

Since Intervideo’s results are so random and unreliable (but it does product excellent quality sometimess!), I am forced to not use it for the time being =(

any of you guys tried Intervideo dvdcopy 2 with Pirates of the Caribbean?

WHen i use movie only, the disk only plays the Menu (where you select the language) and then crashes.

with the latest version of Intervideo DVD copy 2 Platinum everthing
seems to work perfect

I have experience one problem… After transcoding the files, when parsing the files the Parse stops in 20 something %… (DVDCopy v2 the Trial patched)
After this i can play the movies in the PC and the DVD, but if i select too change chapters the program (Intervideo WinDVD) wents crazy (the same in the DVD palyer)… something like this 5->7, 10->13, etc. And the time is always the time in the chapter and when i change the chpater the time restarts! But this doesn’t hapens in all movies!

In the case of the white blocks, sometimes i see them, then i del the cop made by InterVideo and USe DVDShrink…

The IntervideoDVD COpy v2 have moore qulity that the DVDShrink … in 80% of the movies!


do you really still have these blocks?

The invalid Vob-streams I got only in:
Once upon a time in Mexico
A Knights tale

they stop playing when watching on Player after ~25min.

What movies where you experiencing the problem?


That “patch” you’re using is on the 2.0 beta version (I believe - 2.02b). This is the version that frisk and I experienced all the white artifacts.


too bad my trial has long expired…very hesitant to purchase the full-version unless it works. I’m eager to see the results of the latest version (2.02 something…)

Just tested DVDCopy 2 (latest download from Intervideo) with Master & Commander. Big white blocks appears during quick movement and/or action scenes. A shame, cause everything else looks great. Now I think I will go try InstantCopy.

Master & Commander is one of the worst with the white block problem. What I’ve found is that it is movie dependent. Most of the time, DVDCopy makes perfect copies, but once in a while, those white blocks do show up. My experience has been when there is loud or “busy” sound. I’m using version 2.0B002.06C00 and I think this is still “the latest”. Is this the same version that people are using that no longer see the problem? If so, maybe it really is still there?