Intervideo DVDcopy 2 problems

From 5 DVD’s I copied only 2 were working,
2 stopped after 25min. - 30min. of playing on the DVDplayer
(there seems to be an error in the logic of the vob files of the copy)

1 showed pixelation throughout the whole movie
(big white artefacts randomly over the screen)

DVD’s I copied
Down with love (pixelation)
Looney Tunes - Back in Action (stopped after 25min.)
Intolerable Cruelty (stopped after 25min.)
Matrix Revolutions (perfect copy, no visible difference to the original)
Once upon a time in Mexico (perfect copy, visibly like the original)

Regarding the pixelation problem it seems to happen to many people
as I read in various Forums.

One proposed the following solution, Install Version 1.2, copy vobtrans.dll
to the directories common/bin and home directory of Version 2

This solution worked for me but the quality of the copies isn’t better
than the quality of Shrink, CloneDVD or DVD2One… with the new version
of vobtrans.dll used in DVDCopy 2 it was ways better.

Does anyone know how to use Intervideo DVD copy 2 with the new
vobtrans.dll and not getting this pixelation or logical failure in vob files?

I was using Intervideo DVD copy 2 version 2.0b002.06c00 doing my copies.

Is there a newer Version available?

Unfortunately the information about version is missing on the Intervideo
Hompeage and also general informations given are poor

Too many problems with ver.2. I still use ver. 1.2 and find it’s output superior to Shrink.

Have you installed DirectX 9 this may help ???

i’m not trying to discourage helpful users, but this thread is more than a year old. :wink: