Intervideo DVD COPY4 Removal

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone had any problems removing the virtual drive that is created by DVD Copy4. I had DVD Copy3 and upgraded to ver.4 and this ver. creates a virtual drive(which I didn’t want-nor does the software ask) I removed the software but the virtual drive is left. I contacted Intervideo support through E-Mail, which I never did get a response. I just want to get rid of the virtual drive and get my hard drives and cd-roms back to the prior state. Running WinXP Pro.
Thank-You :confused:

You might be able to uninstall it using Device Manager. Open Device Manager and expand the “DVD/CD-Rom Drives” segment. Your virtual drive should appear as “IVI Virtual CD SCSI CdRom Device”. Right click on the entry and select “disable”. Reboot your PC and check to see if the virtual drive has remained disabled. If so, right-click on the entry and select “uninstall”. Hopefully that will get rid of it.

BTW, just curious… has the virtual drive caused any problems for you?

I had the same problem with the InterVideo virtual DVD driver. It is a DLA (drag and drop) enabled drive. Once installed, it conflicted with the Sonic DVD utilities. it would cause the system to crash on system shut down because the Sonic DLA support would think it had to update the drive resulting in a blue screen of death on WinXP SP2. I uninstalled InterVideo but it did not get rid of the the virtual DVD driver and I still had the system crash on shut down. I removed the driver (same process as you suggested) but this did not completely solve the problem. I then went to my physical DVD drive properties dialog and found that the DLA box there had been checked. I unchecked the box and that solved the problem.

Correction to IVI virtual DVD driver uninstall:

I found with the procedure outlined above that on another reboot, WinXP “found a new device” and reinstalled the IVI virtual DVD driver. Further investigation showed that IVI installed two virtual drivers, one for SCSI hardware and one for the virtual DVD driver. To completely remove the device do the following:

  1. Go to My Computer: Control Panel: System: Hardware: Device Manager

  2. Under DVD/CD-ROM drives disable the IVI virtual DVD Drive (at this point you may have to restart your computer).

  3. Under SCSI… disable the IVI SCSI controler.

  4. Now uninstall the IVI device controler. This will remove both the controler and the virtual DVD.

  5. Reboot the system to make sure they do not reappear - they are gone on my system.

You may also want to check the DLA (for drag and drop) setting for your physical CD/DVD drives since InterVideo toggles this setting. To do this go to My Computer and then right click on each CD/DVD drive. Select Properties on the drop down menu followed by click on the DLA tab if it appears in the properties dialog. If the DLA box is checked, uncheck it.

Hi landeck,

Thanks for posting the additional info! I haven’t actually attempted to uninstall the virtual drive (not having any probs with it so far) so my earlier suggestions were more or less speculation. Out of curiosity I took a look at my physical and virtual drive properties and couldn’t find a DLA check box. Where exactly is it?


I know this is a little old, but if anyone is interested, this procedure works to get rid of the Virtual Drive installed (and left over) by I-DVD Copy 5 as well.

How does “drag and drop” abbreviate to DLA? Would it not be DAD? We also never found a check box marked DLA in the properties place? Where would the tab marked DLA be found? Anyhow, we followed all instructions for getting rid of the virtual drive…and it didn’t work. The drive was gone, but after rebooting, it was back again. Went thru the procedure again, and again the virtual drive returned.

We also did a google search for DLA and found Dental Laboraties Assocition and many other refs, but nothing to match the words “drag and drop”? Perhaps dragging teeth out and dropping them into the bucket?

Incidently, we had a problem with the Intervideo DVD Copy. The preview panel (little window that shows what you are copying) would not work, there was sound but no picture? Disabled all virus scanners, pop up blockers, even reinstalled the whole operating system - but stil there was no picture in the preview panel. Still none to this day. We posted a question about the problem elsewhere in the Cd Freaks pages, but although 30 people have viewed it, non have replied, so the problem must be unfixable. That’s why we got rid of the whole program. You really need to be able to see, hearing only is n/g.

DLA = (Sonic) Drive Letter Access, I believe. :slight_smile:

I just install InterVideo DVD COPY5, just to see what it was like. It wasn’t very good, so I uninstalled it and ended up with plug and play problems with my USB drive and “IVI Virtual CD” still installed.

The “IVI Virtual CD” wasn’t listed under “DVD/CD-ROM drives” but it was listed under the SCSI devices. I followed landeck’s advice, disabled it and then uninstalled it and everything came right.

I have to say this is pretty disappointing from someone like InterVideo. :frowning:

ok i had that problem before instally intervideo,what happens is that quicktime is installed too…so i found this guide to recover my drives back
—you have to reinstall teh programs first…HOPE THIS HELPS
Songs purchased from the iTunes Music Store or imported from CDs are saved in the user’s My Music folder by default. These files will not be removed by this procedure.

Uninstall iTunes

  1. In Control Panel, open Add/Remove Programs (under Classic View in Windows XP)
  2. Select iTunes from the list of currently installed programs, click Change/Remove.
  3. An iTunes for Windows Installshield window appears. Select Remove, click Next. A Confirm Uninstall window appears. Select OK.
  4. A “Maintenance Successful” notification appears. Select Finish.

Uninstall iPod Updater
5) In Add/Remove Programs, select iPod Updater. Click Change/Remove.
6) A Confirm Uninstall window appears. Select OK to remove iPod Updater.
7) Repeat for any and all iPod Updaters.

Uninstall QuickTime
8) In Add/Remove Programs, select QuickTime. Click Change/Remove.
9) The QuickTime Uninstall window appears. Select the Uninstall Everything.
10) The Uninstall Successful window appears. Select OK.
11) Close all windows, restart the computer.

Remove leftover components
12) Open My Computer. Open your hard drive. Open Program Files.
13) Delete iPod, iTunes and QuickTime folders if present.
14) Move back to the hard drive root. Open Documents and Settings. Open All Users.
15) Select Folder Options from the Tools menu. Select the View tab. Select “Show hidden files and folders”. Click OK.
16) Open the Application folder. Delete the QuickTime folder if present.
17) Open the Apple Computer folder. Delete the iTunes folder.
18) Go back to Documents and Settings. Open the folder with your username.
19) Open the Application Data folder. Open the Apple Computer folder. Delete the iTunes folder.
20) Open the Local Settings folder. Open the Application Data folder. Delete the iTunes folder.
21) Go back to the Local Settings Folder. Open the Temp folder. Delete QTInstallerHelper.dll.
22) Empty the Recycle Bin.
23) Select Folder Options from the Tools menu. Select the View Tab. Select “Do not show hidden files or folders”. Click OK.
24) Restart the computer.

OK now i follow this…after step#11… after rebboting my pc …i saw my dvd drives back.
i don’t need to go to step#12 throught 24…so if somebody wants to follow this instructions…also i check burning a cd ,everything is fine now

also in device manager…you may have a error code when selecting your drives…
if the error is 39:
have a Lite-On 24x 10x 40x and an LG DVD drive. I’ve been playing about with different types of CD recording utility. Everything was working fine until I uninstalled sodding easy CD creator 5 Plat edition. The lite-on drive has ceased functioning in windows. It’s recoginsed by the BIOS. But, WinXP Device Manager says:-

"Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)"
I had similar problem on Win2000: after install NERO 5.5 Packet Writer (Samsung-only edition) my CD-R/W device went to code-31 (Windows has disabled). I searched the web & found out from that there are 2 reg keys that screw the device, I removed them both and re-scaned for PnP (or rebooted) after removing the device & all was well. The keys are: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class{4D36E965-E325 -11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} - “Upperfilters” and “Lowerfilters”.

note; “see” the keys on the right side and delete the “Upperfilters” and “Lowerfilters”.


  1. Click on START button, the click on RUN
  2. Enter REGEDIT and press enter
  3. When REGEDIT starts, open up the following folders
    {4D36E965-E325 -11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
  4. After clicking on {4D36E965-E325 -11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} you should see two settings on the right-hand side:
    Click on each of them, press DELETE and click YES.

Then close REGEDIT, shutdown & restart your PC

Thanks acuariano. One thing. Deleting the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters registry entries is dangerous, as this may stop other programs from working. It’s wiser to edit these and remove specific apps that are no longer used. :wink:

I just found that I was having this same problem. I think I found a quicker way to get rid of the IVI Virtual Drive. I rebooted into Safe Mode and the went to My Computer/Properties and then expanded SCSI Controller and uninstalled the IVI Virtual Contoller. When it completed the ITI Virtual drive uninstalled with it. I then rebooted to normal mode and the drive was gone.

Thnx landeck was driving me mad - was no prob - just not knowing how to get rid of the bloody thing missed the scsi bit completely b4

I have a solution to get rid of it!!

1.install it …again
2.go to settings in the top corner > vertual drive then press settigs on that
4.set no. of drives select disable will need to restart
6.delete the program files and shortcuts and stuff
7. walla!! done! easy!
8. chill