InterVideo DVD Copy vs. Pinnacle InstantCopy

Lately i’ve been making full disk backups with DVD X Copy Xpress. It’s very easy to use and it’s fast (because it transcodes).

But now I’ve been on the look for a program which makes better picture quality. I don’t want to do CCE encodes, because it needs so many programs and you have to tweak lots of settings yourself so let’s leave that out of this thread.

It seems that InterVideo DVD Copy (Platinum) and Pinnacle InstantCopy produce very good picture quality because they encode instead of transcode. So I’ve been very interested in both of these programs. I only need program to do full disk backup.

As far as I know the latest versions are as follows:

  • Pinnacle InstantCopy v8.0.5
  • InterVideo DVD Copy (Platinum) v1.2B001.16C00

Which one of these two programs do you recommend? As I’m doing only full disc backups there isn’t anything else that matters except picture quality.

neither of those programs reencode the video; they’re both transcoders. if u want to go the transcoder route, dvdshrink and instantcopy probably currently provide the best quality. as far as CCE goes, u should read this thread before ruling it out. it’s true u’d need multiple programs, but the guide mentioned in the thread is actually very easy to use, with very little tweaking necessary.

I would say Rejig. :smiley:
Yes, movie only ATM, but perfect quality.

I thought they were encoders, because they take so much longer time to get the job done compared to DVD X Copy Xpress and other transcoders.

AZImmortal: Have you yourself tried InterVideo DVD Copy it won the tests @ — You read more about it in this thread

I want only one program to do all the job (so that’s why Rejig and other programs are out of the question). So that’s why I want recommendations between InterVideo DVD Copy and Pinnacle InstantCopy, but it seems that that many people doesn’t have experience with the latest version of InterVideo DVD Copy.

I noticed that InterVideo has comparisation chart @ It looks nice, but their claim about “Dual Layer DVDs to Single DVD – Compress a 9.4 GB dual layer DVD to 4.7GB with no loss of content or quality.” is crap. It takes down their credibility.

Maybe they should write instead “with no visible loss of quality” or something?