Intervideo DVD Copy Help!

Tried this new software twice now (once as DivX and the other as a SVCD) and both times ended up with one file a fraction of the estimated size. The Crow Disc 1 (movie only) to SVCD should have been 1688mb but eneded up 597mb and only 35mins long - the software said 100% complete too. Has anyone else tried this software and had any results?

Are you using the Demo, it may only do part of the encoding. DVD95Copy is the same.

Yes, it is the trial, but it supposed to be fully functional! I have a feeling that it doesn’t like the DVD files for some reason. I’m not that impressed with it so far anyway (just like to test everything new to make sure we’re not missing anything good!).

why use this program or dvdxcopy? dvdfab is free to use with two 5 second nag screens. Beta 3 works great. The final version will be out (most likely) within a week.

I must have a look at this…

In the meantime, and purely for the sake of being contentious;) , do you think there is now any future in the two disc approach given that transcoding quality is generally good enough, cheaper and more convenient?