Intervideo DVD Copy 5 & AnyDVD sound/video synch problem

Hi. Following the advice of an article in the Winter 2007 iPODHANDBOOK (pg 60 “Get Videos onto your ipod using Windows XP”) I purchased intervideo’s CopyDVD 5 Platinum & slysoft’s AnyDVD and followed all the instructions step by step. Not only did it take hours and hours to back up just one episode of a tv series (I own the box set on dvd and wanted to back it up to my computer/ipod) but when I was eventually sucessful, the sound track is not in synch with the video track. It’s not even close! Am I using the right combination of programs? Am I just doing something wrong?

Any help is much appreciated. I’ve been pulling my hair out over this for days and days. I’m not a techy person but I’m usually ok at following step by step directions and I’ve re-done this several times!


While you were at Slysoft picking up AnyDVD you maybe should have given CloneDVD Mobile a try. Give it a try with the trial they offer and compare it with intervideo.


Thanks. I’ll give cloneDVD a try.


(BTW, love your ride…what I can see in the thumbnail. I ride an '03 Dyna WideGlide.)

OK, I’m trying to back up using CLONE DVD but it doesn’t look like it backs up to ipod format. Or am I doing something wrong here too? arrgh

Hi Trish1958: The recommendation was for [U]CloneDVD Mobile[/U]. That’s a different product than the one you downloaded.