Intervideo announces WinDVD 5 playback of HD-DVDs with InterActual Add-on pack

I just posted the article Intervideo announces WinDVD 5 playback of HD-DVDs with InterActual Add-on pack.

Announces WinDVD 5 Playback of High-Definition DVD Discs with InterActual Add-on
Inc. (Nasdaq:IVII) announced today that WinDVD® 5, its award-winning…

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It seems gradually were moving to “DRM” protected content each day. :frowning:

nothing wrong with that if you buy the product. Although the big problem is what will happen if a company goes out of buisness and turns off there server that allows you to watch your dvd ? now you have a 30 dollar nothing. I can’t play my t2 hd version right now cause of the damn 30 day trial thing or whatever

I’m running Windows XP SP2 (pre-release) Windows MP9 and DRM are CORE components with this release. VERY SUCKY! M$ is going to have a lot of unhappy customers with this one.

I downloaded the Windows Media 9 HDTV 720p sample clips as I was interested in seeing what their quality is like compared with a satellite HDTV channel I get “Euro 1080”. While WM9 definitely does look a lot more detailed than DVD, it does not do a good job at smooth scenes such as calm water and sky. For example, have a look at the clip “The Magic of Flight” and in the first 30 or seconds of it showing a river, large artefacts are clearly visible on the lower part of the sreen (at least on my display). :c The picture quality is similar to a JPEG image that has been really compressed down. Euro 1080 (MPEG2 1080i) appears quite different. The tennis match that was on at the time looks like a good quality 2 megapixel photo from a digital camera that has sprung to life :d Then again, WM9 squezes the picture down to about 7Mbps where as the HDTV satellite channel had a bitrate of about 17Mbps at the time of watching.