Intervideo 3/ Clone DVD? Opinions on best program

I have had Clone DVD on trial for several days now and have had Intervideo 3 mentioned to me as it apparently is on trial as well.

It was said although, that Intervideo DVD 3 had limitations compared to Clone DVD and so I was wondering if I could get comments from users before I decide to try the trial version; as it may not be worth my time installing it if it does not meet my needs.

I am considering Clone DVD as I had been using DVD Shrink before and already have Any DVD and am extremely happy with that program and so I was considering the purchase of Clone DVD. I liked Shrink, however like the user friendliness of Clone DVD as I do not do backups on a regular basis and so I don’t like to have to refer to notes if at all possible, which I did with Shrink and I also seem to find Clone DVD faster and the quality of the backup acceptable to my needs.

I would appreciate comments from experienced users as to the pros and cons of these programs.



I use a cheapo version of InterVideo DVD Copy which can be had on eBay for less than $10 - I use it along with AnyDVD and get great copies of backups from up to 9.4gb compressed to standard 4.35gb media - all with just one click-

Have been using it for over a year - with great results-


While I have not used InterVideo, I can vouch for the quality of CloneDVD. It is simple and foolproof and has massive support. Also Slysoft has a price reduction of $10 for the next week or so if you enter the coupon “afterdawn” in the user data. It is very easy to install and delete; you really should try it out while the $10 off is still good.

I’m still pretty new to the scene, but it seems to me your best bet is to learn the more advanced programs early. I registered Clone and AnyDVD, and now I’m feeling like I should have learned things a little more before taking that step. Of course, if you’re running on an old 24" television it shouldn’t matter (I only have a 19" LCD), but with a big screen the artifacts might be distracing. At this point in my understanding, I think I’ll probably run AnyDVD to decrypt and learn some more advanced encoding software. I’d like to play with VBR and multi-disk spanning, things it seems I can’t do with CloneDVD. So long as I do it, might as well do it right you know.

Both are good programs, I found CloneDVD to be faster than DVD Copy 3, but not by much. I did think that the video quality with DVD Copy 3 was a bit better but I experienced problems with the menus. Weird problems too, like when I was watching the movie and hit the menu button the movie would freeze and the outlining of the menu buttons would show up and I could click on them, it would link to that part of the disc, but it wouldn’t show me what I was clicking on and I was still looking at the movie at that spot. Very strange… Anyway, I’ve run into a few others who had problems with the menus on movies made with DVD Copy 3, however if you are a main movie only type of person you wouldn’t have that problem I’d assume.

Good luck in your decisions, whichever they may be.

P.S. I must say that if you’re willing to invest some money and are looking for the best video quality out there, you can’t beat Cinema Craft Encoder combined with DVD Rebuilder. Takes a while to do a movie (a couple hours on a high end system) but you’ll be amazed with the results.


I have a new Hitachi 57 inch HD Ultravision (57s715) and a Panasonic DVD S77 upconverting HD DVD player - and my copies are utterly outstanding using the cheapo version of InterVideo DVD copy-


Cool, go with what works for you :wink: