Interpreting these CD-DVD Speed results

Hello everyone.
It has been months since I’m scanning my burned DVDs with Nero CD-DVD Speed and get the number of errors and failures, helping me compare media together, but I haven’t been able to interpret them well.
I want to know something:
Considerinag that the most important factor for me is the longevity of data stored on a DVD and I don’t care about how fast the data on a DVD can be read or how well it’s doing in benchmarks, what is the most important factor for me?
The only thing that I care about is being able to extract every file on a DVD after years of burning it,so I wanna ask:

  1. How much reliable the quality score in Nero CD-DVD Speed is? Can I trust it in comparing Data longevity of two medias together?
  2. Comparing different types of errors that the program reports, which one has the most influence in data longevity? For example I want to give you 2 examples, both are cheap but acceptable quality media in my country. The first one, “GR8”, is a good media which gives more PIF but less PIE. The second one is a “T-GATE” DVD-R which is a cheap, but better than average media(like GR8 and the same price), it scans with really low PIFs, but the number of PIEs is seiously higher than GR8.
    GR8 says it’s a 8X disk but I burned it with 4X speed because of what BenQ QSuite program told me, and T-GATE says it’s 16X but I burned it in 8X, again because of QSuite recommendation.
    I wanna ask you pros that if you didn’t have any other factors to care about and wanted to choose one of these two, only based on these scans which one would you choose and why?

If there’s any other thread which educates this well I’ll be grateful to be directed.
Thanks a lot and sorry for the long post. :slight_smile:

Well the first one to me seems like fake Taiyo Yuden Media. You can almost guarantee it will have future problems since anyone who knew how to make long lasting good quality discs, would not fake someone else’s media code.

The second burn has massive jitter and PIE errors. For longevity and readability I would not recommend either of these low quality media. But if I had to choose one, it would be the second one.

Fake media like the first one is always going to cause problems. Always. If anything, try burning the second media at different speeds and see if you can get a better result.

Of course, I would strongly suggest not using either if longevity is your main concern. The best media is verbatim media, some will say Taiyo Yuden but I seriously believe Verbatim has done their homework better for DVD media and are the leaders at the moment.

Totally agree with this. :iagree:

Cheap media isn’t worth the trouble these days when good stuff is really not that much more expensive. I’ve learned from my experiences over the past years.

Also it’s not a bad idea to quality scan your burned media maybe twice a year & reburn anything that’s starting to go off.

A single quality scan will only give you a snapshot of the quality of the disc at the time it was scanned. This is not always a reliable indicator of longevity. You should scan the disc after burning and record the scan results. Re-scan the disc every 6 months or so to see if there is any significant change.

You can save yourself a lot of time and trouble by using media which is known to have good long term reliability. A trawl through the media scans on this forum will show you that quality brands like Verbatim and TY are the safest choice.

BTW is the TYG02 scan for a genuine Taiyo Yuden or is it a fake. I would expect better results from TY.

A media called “GR8” that has it’s fair share of PIF and over 10% ave jitter. It’s gotta be fake.

I don’t think I could even get anywhere near 10% ave jitter with TYG02, even if I tried to :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and consider he is using a Benq, so it’s not an incompatible drive by any means.

“GR8” media :bigsmile:…sorry, but I had to laugh at the name :bigsmile:

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :sad: :sad: :sad:

Don’t cry, I’ve heard worse :wink:

GR8 is something I wouldn’t touch with a bargepole 100,000,000 miles long :bigsmile:


To be serious, I agree with cd pirate in post #2. Invest in some good media, you won’t regret it. :slight_smile:

I’m a Taiyo Yuden guy, but I agree too. Verbatim media is my #2 choice. We’re just splitting hairs to debate which is better - they are both good. I actually have a huge pile of Verbatim media in my box o’ blanks, because they were a lot cheaper than Taiyo Yuden at my favourite retailer recently and they are darn close in quality.