Interpreting the different tests from Plextor Professional

First off, I would like to thank all the people that replied to my barrages of questions lately.

Recently, I had to have my 716A exchanged, due to erratic behavior. It would show me inconsistents scans on the same disc at different times. Sometimes it would burn discs at different speeds on the same media from the same spindle…

Anyhow, apart from that I did a bunch of scans and am not sure how to interpret all the data. On the PI/PO test, PI of less than 20 is excellent and PO > 0 is considered a coaster. However, what about the Jitter/Beta and the TA test? For the read tests, you expect it to have some abrupt changes in the linear curve, but why is it abruptly going up instead of down?

Test results attached below. The recording was done at 12x on Verbatim 8x MCC3. No Burn Proof detected.

The three T scans from top is inner, middle and outer. Inner was “good”, middle and outer was “not good” as reported by plextools pro.

Sorry about the jpg files, I forgot to make some of them png and made them bmp instead. Perhaps, the faq should have more detailed info on how to interpret the other tests too other than PI/PO. FAQ has been invaluable to me and the manual on this issue is not clear enough.

edit: forgot to mention, I upgraded the firmware to 1.06. I don’t believe system specification is important in this case.