Interpreting burn results

Hey all,

I’ve been reading along, but I’m a bit lost with regards to my kprobe scores. I know you guys get this all the time, but right now I’ve got mono, and being stuck in bed all the time has whithered away a lot of my logic.

Anywho, I have an 832 with the CG3B firmware. I was getting on and off results, so I used the “Reset learned media” hack. I ran a kprobe scan, but I don’t have a clue as to whether this is good or bad. When I have more energy, I’ll restore my EEPROM and run a “before” test.

I used the RITEKR03 media from Newegg.

Thanks for your patience and help.


There are others better qualified to answer this than me - but that never stops me having a go… :wink:
You have an unfortunately high spike at the beginning, possibly due to the media batch. The overall figures are very good, low averages with good overall PIFs.
If you delete the highest value in KProbe, you would see the graphs more clearly to see if there are any errors in specific places, but I would say that those are good scans with the exception of the “rogue” high points.

i agree with intensecure, that is a good scan you can still get the odd spike even when you have remove spike ticked in kprobe, if you right click on the graph you can delete highist spike this will make the scan easyer to read.

@raistphrk…try to rescan and set the scan speed to 4x. :slight_smile: That is the standard scan speed we like to use around here for consistency purposes. Then post the new scan so we can take a look at it.