Internet via the Sky



I’m accessing the Internet with Europe Online Network “internet via the Sky” and I want to know if there’re more people who are using this way of surfing.

Internet via the Sky uses your local ISP for upstream information and sends the downstream information to your satellite disc via the Astra satellite.

This way I can get downstream speeds of more than 1.5 Mb/s in the late evening and in the early morning.
At the time that the Internet is totally crowded I still have down streams of 500Kb/s.

This service costs 15 Euro per month, you get two months for free if you register for one year.

So let me know your opinion and experiences.


Great speeds… still regular modem here…
What’s the homepage of the provider ?
Would like to see if it’s available for belgium too


I also was very glad to hear about those downloadingspeeds!!! But than I heared about PAN… what do you think of 2,5Gb/s??? That means a DVD movie in about 3 secs!!! That’s not completely true cause your HD can’t store data that fast!
Check it out at: !


redcat, what is the homepage of Europe Online Network ?? Sounds very interesting!

(for the dutch version)


Are there any strings attached? Like a data transferral limit per month?

The thing I dislike about this service is that you still pay phonecosts, for the rest it sounds very cheap. Less than 500 euro for a satellite dish + all equipment for the PC!

I’m definitely going to inquire for more information!


So far I know is this service available for all the countries in Europe.

Just go to the URL below and you will get all the information you need.

I both the Equipment: a Twin Universal LNB ( I need a twin LNB because I also have a TV tuner) and a SatDem DVB satellite modem card from a Dutch company/ISP called ‘Internet Access’ .

I paid fl. 114,60 for the twin LNB and fl. 399,00 for the SatDem DVB satellite modem, this is exclusive 17,5% BTW (V.A.T.).

I know it’s not cheap but it’s not the only service they provide, in the near future it’s also possible to get video on demand.

They also installed two new transponders, so there’re three now (transponder 113,114,115) and that means three times the bandwidth.

But don’t forget you still need an ISP for the upstream information.

Let me know if you need more info about the installation of the client software, since this software has some installation problems with the Dutch win98 SE.


The service is flat rate ‘Crazy Bob’, you can download as much as you like there’re no restrictions!