Internet Usage Uncapped\ throttling\ Shaped What does Your ISP Call it



Im with South Africans Biggest ISP Telkom their trump card is if you want adsl you first have to have a land line ( they are the ONLY land line subscribers )

2006 I joind Was Better than the dial up I had . Thought I was so Smart getting the DO 1 pakkage . lasted 2 weeks . so got do 2 Capped after 2 gigs HARD CAP ) you stuffed DONT even try opening your Browser ,

long story cut to the Chase .

On 1 med line Throttled after using over 120 gigs
fastest connection is about 35kbp/s normaly got about 3 times more :flower:

SO in a Nut Shell how much Can you download for your package


With the AT&T ADSL I have it is 150GB after that it is not “Throttled”.
What is supposed to happen is the customer is billed an additional $10.00 for every 50GB over the 150GB limit.

I’ve never used enough to find out if it is this way.

I also don’t know if some kind of “fair use” would kick in say at 500GB.
If it does I didn’t find that in the “Terms of Service” .


With my ISP Digiweb, I’m on their 100GB phone/DSL bundle. The usage is measured over a rolling 30-day period.

My ISP has a 20% over-usage tolerance after which the speed is capped at 128kbps. The cap remains in place until the rolling 30-day period falls below 80% usage. So like knowing a speed camera has a certain tolerance, it’s quite risky to try going over.

Most other ISPs here do charge if one goes over-quota, especially those with their “Unbelievable value” packages and their hidden tiny quotas.

Sky broadband Ireland for instance - On the left is the A4 flashy flyer and on the right is the catch, scanned at 600DPI just to read it.


I’m with TalkTalk with their Plus package, which isn’t capped, or throttled at all (so they claim).

As an added note. We will have FTTC (fibre) from our exchange on the 1st of Sept 2013, and I may go for TalkTalk’s 87mbps download, and 20mbps upload package.


I’m also on ATT ADSL, with a 150gb cap. I’ve never come close to that amount in a month.

My main complaint is lack of speed in my area. 6mbps is the best I can get on DSL, and the local cable company is even slower here.


I use Comcast and they seem to indicate a 250gb limit is in place but that figure is hard to verify officially.


Here in Finland, most home-use xDSL connections are not capped (And actually in 2002 I did have a uncapped dial-up connection)

Currently I have full rate VDSL2-connection (nominal 100Mbps, in reality about 40M - long land line…)

In 3G/4G connections first ISP (TeliaSonera) launched the usage cap year or two ago, which was received quite harshly among users. Even though it is not a hard cap - after the cap is achived, the connection is in lowest priority (especially during daytime the speed might be very bad) and there is no extra cost if you exceed your cap.

But luckily it is still possible to buy uncapped mobile connections (full 3G (Nominal 21Mbps) is around 15-25€/month).

For me it is uncomprehensible that first you should purchase a connection with said speed and then not being able to use it after arbitrary limits.

Back to the question - How much I can download with my package?
In 2005 I had a 512k/512k connection, once I did download something like 100+ gigs in a month, which was basically very nearly running the connection at the limit…

2008 I had 4M/2M connection - So theoretical max. download in a month would’ve been about 1TB.

And now if my current connection keeps that 40M speed, it would yield a theoretical 10TB+ in a month.

The 150GB/month cap would probably be borderline OK, as now my uptime is 94 days and during that time ifconfig says that received bytes and transmitted bytes add up to 536GB (so 179GB/month).

But this is on one computer, if you don’t live alone and these times of high definition… No way :disagree:

IMO it’s better to have a constant (even slow) speed and not to worry about how many bytes I can still transfer…


I use cable ,we pay a high price but we get the phone, TV, and internet which is unlimited $180.But they play game’s on me all the time with the speed they say I’m paying for 15mb which I had 17 last night and chatted with someone at charter and they said that’s all that I’m going to get ,well tonight right now it’s 32mbs so go figure.


At least here is no throttling or capping yet, they tried to infiltrate it, but failed. :smiley:


Around here they do a lot of Deep Packet Inspections and other kind of scanning. Most provides have VLAN contracts with other isps around the world to get the cheapest connections possible.

I don’t really care about the speed, because when it gets throttled i open a lot of new connections. A whole lot.


My ISP throttles after so much is downloaded or uploaded, but they have different time frames and speed reductions depending on how much over their threshold you go and what package you’re on.

I’m on 60/5 so the lowest they’ll cap my speeds at are 36 down/1.1 up - I can live with that, they only throttle for a certain amount of time (max 2 hours, then your speed is back to normal).