"iNTeRNeT" The Movie!.. The World Wide Web all explained in only 5 min >>fUnNy ViDEO

The World Wide Web all explained in only 5 minutes…
“iNTeRNeT” The Movie!!!get caught in the web!.. :iagree:
This 5 minute video is an absolute pisser explaining the internet in real life terms… follow Dave as he gets caought in the web of spam… pop ups… penis enlargments… porn… goats etc…

Funny shit! :clap:

Yeah, I think that’s a pretty accurate description of what can happen on the Internet - not to mention hilarious! :bigsmile:


GREAT -eh!

I think that’s great… and Dave Chappelle is quite funny! :clap:


that video is a crack up, man did I laugh!!! :clap:

I was hoping others would get as big a laugh as me :bigsmile:

I thought you’d get more responses for this one than you did Merv, what’s wrong with these freaks?? :confused:

This was a good one.

It’s all natural!