Internet-ready cars to increase in popularity, offer apps

Internet-ready cars to increase in popularity, offer apps.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Car manufacturers are going green and aiming for the cloud. The coming years will see an uptick in connected vehicles says a new IHS iSuppli report. Expect a new suite of apps, and traditional radio stations to make way for Internet-based music services.

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Just what the world needs a, a freaking ICar.
They and their Net Junkie owners should be banned (or shot) outright!
Bad enough watching Morons Texting, Surfing, Drinking Coffe and often fixing their makeup (both female and male drivers).
Thankfully in 9 days we are enacting a law Banning the use of celphones in a Vehicle.

@olddancer - Mostly this concerns consumer electronics built directly into the car itself to play music, which means it’s similar to a traditional radio and (hopefully) won’t impede a driver’s ability any more than turning a dial would.

Will the phone companies expand their networks so you have high speed internet really everywhere?
Will they offer inexpensive data plans?

Somehow I doubt this.

And, finally, I do not want my car being connected to “the cloud”.


Large fast moving masses, computer controlled and connected to the internet …what could possibly go wrong? cough iranian nuclear program cough

Even *if * essential car systems are separated, these systems will be going wireless soon anyway, suggesting that compromised entertainment device with internet could potentially be used to interrupt communications, if not compromise these critical systems. At current time, these control systems have no inbuilt security or encryption.

And .tf is up with drivers surfing the internet anyway? It’s bad enough seeing them cruise down freeways shaving, drinking coffee, while reading the morning paper and chatting on their mobile phone, all at the same time.