Internet radio issues

Hi i been listening to this station for several years online.when i went to play it it today this came up.Your geographical area is blocked for this stream. It has something to do with Jet Cast.Im useing the latest version of firefox and i even tryed the help section in JetCast but nothing is working so far.This is what it says to do in firefox.

To install our Firefox addon, please click here to install.

If you installed the Firefox add-on and it is not working, go to Tools and choose IE Tab Options. Make sure that and are enabled. You can do this by clicking on the dot next to it to leave a larger green dot (enabled), then apply and ok.

Their both enable and thats about where im at i would apreciate some help Thanks

This is weird i cant here anything on imee or ytube.No sound comes at all.My windows media player works but lol

I downloaded shockwave and its up working now go figure.+i reinstalled jetcast and everything is ok now…