Internet providers caught inflating speed test results



[QUOTE=alan1476;2767481]Why are my results so terrible?[/QUOTE]I think you need to ask your ISP, why the upload speed over port 8080 is significantly higher than the normal http port. :slight_smile:
And why a single thread upload is no where near the speed that you’re paying for.


Something is really off in my upload speeds, if this is accurate I am not getting what I pay for, its not even close.:sad: Thanks Wendy, why would the Broadband (OOkla) test closer to what I am supposed to be getting? They are really screwing me over.


Because ookla uses multiple threads to bombard your connection, TestMy uses a single thread in these tests. Plus as [B]Sean[/B] has uncovered in his article. Some ISP’s can manipulate the ookla test by using a rarely used port (8080) to exaggerate the speeds you get in the test. :wink:

A good example of a single thread upload would be uploading a single large file.
A good example of a multi thread upload would be uploading several pictures (simultaneously) to the cloud.

At least your download speeds seem fine, so you should have no problems streaming video from YouTube, for example.


The reason I havent noticed this is that I rarely upload a big file and when I do its not that slow. My downloads speeds are fine for streaming. I do it all the time.
Thanks Wendy.:flower:


IDK about the rest of you, but I live in America, the country that not only invented the internet, but also offers some of the slowest speeds in the world. I seriously doubt anyone’s ISP is honest about it’s advertised connection speeds, which are fairly pathetic compared the actual speeds of most other countries. And, because there’s so little competition for ISPs in America, we’re naturally paying much more than we should.

As for my speed, I usually get a maximum of 490 kilobytes/second when I download files via a multi-threaded downloader. Unless I’m mistaken I think I’m signed up for only DSL Extreme’s 3 Mbps plan (because I’m too broke for one of their better plans), although I can’t remember exactly which plan I signed up for (FYI, DSL Extreme basically resells AT&T). I find it interesting that I am getting almost 4 Mbps download speed on both 80 and 8080. And that’s good, since my speed has stayed the same, unlike the amount I pay every month (guess which direction that has gone).