Internet problems

Hi, I hope you can help me with a problem. I found this site by googling
“internet probs”. I am having the same problems as another post in '05"strange internet problems" with not being able to login to sites or pages not opening, but some sites work fine. It seems that the sites that do work start to have problems after I’ve been on awhile opening pages and so forth, like this site earlier I had no prob but after a while the pages wouldn’t open or would not open correctly, (I’m on laptop now because I can’t get on with my PC) and that same thing occured at Christmas time while shopping on one particular site, but it did it on every computer eventually. I have this problem with 3 of my PCs 2 have Windows XP with IE (7 maybe) and one has Linux with Firefox. However I have no problem with my laptop that has Windows Vista and IE. My son who has a degree in CS usually helps me, but he’s away and very busy so I’m on my own. This happened last weekend when You Tube and Google had a problem and then the next day it worked fine. Now last night it started again. I’ve cleared the temp int files cache and cookies, and the last time I had just run Ad-aware and it made no diffference. We have DSL internet, a network server, (I’ve not tried that one though), with 3 other PC’s a laptop and 2 X-boxes that run off the wireless. I’m not real tech savy but I think I know more than most my age, 50+. So if you have any suggestions I will be so ever grateful.

Gee, if all the computers are having the same problem then one would have to suspect your DSL connection. Have you tried just unplugging the modem/router and letting it reset?