Internet problem

hey peepz,

I have a huge problem!
If I start my computer and enter my password, there pops up a small dialog box saying: Internet explores has caused a problem. It will now close.
If I click ok, it comes again, if I click cancel, it comes again. No matter what I do, it keeps on coming, I can do nothing to stop it, so please please help this student out. I really need my computer you know, I can’t just do format c, because there’s a lot of information I need.

So please again,

Help me out!!

First i would try reinstalling Internet explorer and scan for viruses and spyware.

You may have to get to another computer to download any updates or install packages you might need for IE and then put them on cd or something.

Good tool for scanning for spy/adware is Adaware . It will be able to remove most if not all spyware.

I always use formatting as a last result. Let us know how you do.

Make sure it has not viruses, because one of the first things a virus its now a days is the pc’s browser in most cases -->IE