Internet privacy prevails RIAA suffers major blow

I just posted the article Internet privacy prevails RIAA suffers major blow.

  pace306,slacker6, Jolard, Quakester2000, StrongBad, used our news submit to tell us a federal appeals court ruled Friday the recording  industry can't force Internet providers to identify...
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yeah finally scores for the little guys. Eat **** and DIE RIAA! muwahahha [offensive language removed]
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he he, wouldn’t want to be one of those who signed an “Im guilty but I won’t do it again honest” contract :slight_smile:

I am glad as well. To me this has always been privacy issue. For any organization to have subpoena power without a judges consent is wrong.

This only cuts the tail off the snake…count on those businesses so affected to become more subversive…:X

I hope that a class action suit is filed by the ones whos rights the RIAA trampled over through their Gestapo tactics. Payback is a …! :g

Finally a ruling that was not forced through filling pockets… Good, lets see them spend more money to get the subpoenas …