Internet Piracy a Threat, Valenti Tells Convention

I just posted the article Internet Piracy a Threat, Valenti Tells Convention.

Think i heard this before…

LOS ANGELES – Runaway production, estimated to cost U.S. companies $10 billion a year, remains a major challenge for Hollywood’s hometown industry – but not the…

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Yeah, right. I’m sure everybody in Hollywood must be already starving to death because of these internet-pirates! I’m sure there’s not even an actor or director out there that can afford a third Porsche or Jaguar anymore! Death to internet-movie-piracy! Come on guys, who are they foolin’? Ripping us off asking up to 40 Euro’s for a single DVD?? Making big money selling movies all over the globe to television stations, cinema’s and eventually also (way too expensive!) to us customers? Do you really think a lot of people would still be downloading (less-than-DVD-quality) movies from the net if DVD’s were affordably priced? Don’t think so! If everybody would be able to maintain a nice movie-collection without losing half their monthly income nobody would be interested in downloading anymore. Better yet, I think it wouldn’t cost the MPAA (-members) much money; they’d simply sell a lot more DVD’s. I’m NOT willing to pay 40 Euro’s for a Dvd, but if Dvd’s would cost only 4 Euro I might just buy 10 or more… MPAA :r Big Balloon.

he clearly doesnt know his terminology: we are not hackers, we are RIPPERS. :d

If you can’t get your favourite movie from internet, then just rip it from you DVD to DivX! And WOLA! You have good resolution movie in one CD!!!<- this quite old but still fact! :wink: