Internet Not Working


I am trying to set up a computer right now, but for some reason it won’t connect to the internet. I have a cable connection and it works just fine on this computer. The cord that goes from your modem to your computer, kind of looks like a telephone cable goes into a router under my desk. Well on it it says Ethernet Hub. Then another cord comes from the hub and goes into the computer I’m on right now. And one other cable goes from the hub to the computer I’m trying to set up. When I try to get on the internet it says there is no internet connection available.

What should I do?


I assume that your setup is like this:
Cord from modem to Ethernet HUB, separate cables from Ethernet HUB to respective PCs. If your Modem is your Ethernet HUB, you can leave out the cable from Modem to HUB.

Have you checked the following:

[li]Cable from your current PC connecting to your other PC
[/li][li]Cable from your other PC to your current PC
[/li][li]Connecting either cable to another port of your Ethernet HUB?

If your current computer works on the cable of the other PC, we can rule out a hardware problem with respect to the cable and/or Ethernet HUB.

If the other PC does not work on the cable currently connected to your PC that does give access, it is something with your computer. It could be the ethernet card in the PC (hardware) or a software problem.

What windows version are you running? Have you tried rebooting with all cables connected? Have you setup an internet account on the other PC?

That is what I can think of from the top of my head…

I think you left out some important information. :confused: OS, Modem, Router and are you getting all the lights on both (Modem & Router)? The most common fix I find is to shut down pc and unplug power from both. After a minute plug the power back into the cable modem and wait for all the lights to come on (could take up to 5 minutes) then plug in router again wait for all the lights then turn on the pc and try internet after clearing cache. If that doesn’t work try more info. :slight_smile:


Just a shot in the dark - but did you install the drivers for the ethernet card on the new computer?

If you did that - then did you do the following:

If using XP - did you go to the “start” area - go to “accessories” to “connections” to “new connection wizard” - ?

If not - suggest that you do that first-


Okay, I tried using the cable that does give access on this computer with the other PC, but it doesn’t work. I’m running on Windows XP. I guess this means something is wrong with that PC. Anyone have any ideas on fixing it?

Edit: My brother wanted me to add that there are two lights where you plug in the cable. We’re not sure what the colour of the bottom one is, but the top one is orange. When we plug in the cable it just constantly flashes, the bottom one does nothing. Not sure what this means, but maybe it has something to do with it?

Well you answered one question, OS…

What lights??? :confused:
What cable??? :confused:
How many lights are there??? :confused:
Model number of router??? :confused:
Model number of cable modem??? :confused:
With out more technical information or a crystal ball we will not be-able to help you. :slight_smile:

The lights are right on the thing you plug the cable into. One is on the bottom of it and one is on the top. There are two lights. The cable is the one coming from the Ethernet HUB to the computer. As for the model numbers… well here is what I seeon the router:

4 Port IOBASE - T Ethernet Hub
Model EN 104tp

So I guess the model number is EN 104tp. And on the modem it says:

Model #: DCM315