Internet = mouse slow down

I have a problem with my mouse.
My problem is that i have put a internal modem(tornado-56k) on a pc (pII,128mb ram,WinMe).When i want to make a connection the mouse is going very slow.Now when i am not the mouse is fine.Any ideas??? :bow:

Could be that the mouse shares an IRQ with the modem…

Check this in the device manager of Windows. If so, check if you can set the IRQ of the modem manually. If this isn’t possible, you’d better put the mdem in another PCI slot… (most likely, the IRQ of the modem will change and if everything goes well, it’ll work like a charm).

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I’ve change PCI slot and still the same thing.The funny thing is that i bougth a new mouse and when i connected , the mouse is going very slow with a without connecting to internet.