Internet law enforcer warns for movie trader busts

I just posted the article Internet law enforcer warns for movie trader busts.

Ghostmaker used our newssubmit to tell us about an intresting article on In this article the CEO of BayTSP is interviewed. You will probably not know his company, but he might become your…

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Can you say

? It is also time some one creates or alters the P2P networks to have encryption that actually works to keep these fools from messing our sh!t up.

LOL :slight_smile: What i big laugh, eventhough i don’t do P2P i strongly sympatize with those who does… many students use it for educational purpose… It’s like a gigantic selfupdated library…

You know why there hasn’t been arrests? Because tooo many people feel the same way about sharing. How would you feel if you watched the news and saw a 12 year old was arrested for 2 counts of copyright infringement. Wouldn’t you be outraged? Would you start a boycott, petitions, etc. If you were a juror, would you ever vote Guilty? I would not. I think the music/movie industry has held back because this would be a seriously fatal move leading to some massive boycott. And heaven forbid the kid they charge is black, that will bring in Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, and then it’s REALLY over for that company. So I’m really not worried

Is this again a trick to scare people off? I just don’t get a thing, how do they want to sue, disconnect and jail millions of people world wide? I think we can call these seeking people like ‘Gestapo’ or ‘Stazi’ :4 Oh no this is not funny anymore :frowning:

Well apparently the CEO of Bay TSP deserves to just rot in hell!!! So would anyone responsible for putting someone in prison for sharing copyrighted works. In response to DarthMaul1138, I would be sick to my stomach if I saw a 12 year old was arrested for copyright infringement. Whoever would arrest someone for copying something can just go to hell and rot forever. I do wonder though if this is just to scare people. Hopefully it is. To be safe someone bring on some kind of encrypted P2P program so no one can find who we are. Or find some kind of anonymous Internet connection or protocol. If someone can do that then we can all feel safe and share files in peace. Lets prevent ourselves from being treaced by evil ass copyright!!!

All of Bay TSP can just rot in hell!!!

I got suspended from my AT&T high-speed. Since they are the one one in town with speeds like that, ,I had to bow down and promise the legal department i would never upload anything again. But i clearly asked my right to download anything should be safe. They agreed based on the fact who’s to say the new “Britney Spheres” song: Baby Pipe Twice isn’t something I already own. If we own it we can dowload it. We have rights to that.

They may have time to hunt down the biggest ones but 100% coverage, really? We see 100% coverage and now a response from a bust. How long does it take to subpoena 50,000 ISP logs unless they have a clever way to warrant them all? How do they subpoena logs from foreign countries. I smell sunshine, or is that someone’s butt? Where are the reports from the people that work at the ISP’s who are doing the sharing. With 50,000 reports surely someone here would have noticed.

Can someone say “loose cannon”… it appears the DCMA has given wackers like this the right to step on the rights of americans to their privacy and bush wants to blow up Iraq in the name of democracy. curiouser and curiouser…:7

If in fact this is true, then we might all have to resort to sharing stuff offline. for e.g. everyone you know has a cd burner.

well, I feel relatively safe because I have shared very few movies, but i’ve seen people sharing hundreds of them. I sure hope those people don’t get busted. At least many of the people on the jury download too :4

what a noob. There wasn’t, there isn’t and there ain’t gonna be anyone to stop us from sharing anything we want…movies especially. P2P networks are for people who dont know where and how to get it first… they tried and they failed…they’re always like this…funny article though…:4