Internet Explorer

My Internet explore seems corrupt, tried re installing it but its still not right.

I can view pages with it, but the font is corrupt well small fonts like the one used on this site, I open the same page in Netscape and all is fine.

I dont know what font it is, but I notice in Windows ME(rubbish)
the help files are using the same font because they are corrupt and barley read able.

It makes using IE only ok on pages using larger text, and no I dont need glassed I am short sited.


Quick possible solution.

Go to View, Text sixe and make sure it isn’t on samllest.

You could also hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard and scroll your mouse (if you have a scroll on it) up and down until you find the size you like. :bigsmile:

thanks for the tip xtremeskier97
lol that’s damned gr8 :smiley: