Internet Explorer Vs Firefox

I’m new to the forum & I love online debates so I thought I would kick off my first post with this, I only just downloaded firefox and i love it, my vote goes to firefox and i will never go back! I mainly like it because it has tabbed browsing, its fast, includes spell checking, you can add extra plugins & extensions! if you use firefox already, upgrade to firefox 2 now, if you don’t have it yet, download it FREE from: Firefox

Which do you prefer? please cast your vote & give your views…

FF 2 point whatever…goes good.

Another vote for Firefox :bigsmile:

FF but i use others once in awhile to keep up with them and FF in Linux also :smiley:

Crippled my IE (Intranet Exploiter) in a way, it can only access my local network and (Windows Update included).

'Nuff said :slight_smile:


EDIT: You should really add Opera to your list :slight_smile:

driveby malware has made IE obsolete, but unless you are using the noscript addon for FF, then you aren’t much safer

i’m on firefox but have been thinking of giving opera a try. It’s going to be tough finding replacements for or getting rid of my favorite addons though.

FF will become victim of its own success security-wise. I still use and prefer it over IE7 though. Opera’s really nice too and if I want speed it’s K-Meleon :slight_smile:

FF here, baby :slight_smile:

Oooh get him with his shiny new OS :bigsmile:

Using Internet Explorer 7 because it’s the least painful choice.

And please don’t tell me about how evil the Microsoft browser is, and that I need to try something else - my first browser was NCSA Mosaic back in 1993. :wink:

:stuck_out_tongue: You’ll be using it soon i hope :clap:


I run Longhorn Beta 3, Vista Ultimate, and Windows XP SP2 with slipstreamed IE 7, WMP 11, and more, so there is no more need to download IE 7 separately. I also run Win XP SP2 slipstreamed with Firefox, but I prefer IE 7.

I have used for most web searches for the last few years, but search seems to work just as well. Does anyone remember how DR-DOS, Novell, Borland, Wordperfect, Lotus, Netscape, ICQ, AOL, Apple, IBM, Oracle, Yahoo… and so many thousands, or millions, of others have made the world predict the fall of Microsoft and Bill Gates? Just how many more chances do all the Microsoft bashers from the 20th century need to make that dream come true and what’s the point of making this thread? Why do you have to keep that old thread in the General Software forum? If you are so happy about the software you run, why do you so badly need to make others agree and use the same software?

You’re showing your age :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, rolling, from the looks of yours and Dee’s it looks like fun :smiley:

I used Netscape first in 1995 or 1996. Until 1995, I was in the army when they threatened me to send to jail if I used internet. That was when South Korea was a few years behind the US and Japan. I can’t remember whether it was Mosaic or Netscape that I used first to use the WWW.

For most South Koreans, there was simply no web browser providing Korean-language (= Hangul) version except Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and it was easy to use because virtually all new computers were shipped with preinstalled Windows. If Netscape or its successors ever wanted to compete with Microsoft fairly and successfully, they should have made some things for the billions of web users around the world easier and faster, not dirtier. It was nearly the same with “office” application suites. Only Microsoft, not Hangul and Computer, the proudest and politically most influential South Korean computer company ever, made Hangul easy to use in Windows or any other GUI-based word processors and spreadsheets.

I voted IE just because i’m way more familiar with it. I hate IE 7 though, i refused to download it and will probably someday soon move on to bigger and better things (firefox)

Firefox, Konqueror and lynx. Running on Linux.

Welcome to CD Freaks.

I switched to FF about a month ago and luv it and the addon extensions :iagree: :clap:

Oopsie! :o

Welcome to CDFreaks, mizzie! :slight_smile:

Another FF user here. I have tried various browsers and it is the one that I am the most comfortable with. I hate IE with a passion. Even when you strip it down, it still tends to behave like a spoiled brat and throws tantrums because you no longer have Active X running.

IE here, because it works with all sites.